Best (and Worst) Coworking Spaces in Panama City

10 best (and one worst) coworking spaces in Panama City, Panama

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With its rich history and culture combined with breathtaking sights, Panama City is a truly magical place to visit.

While walking along the Casco Viejo, Panama’s cobblestone-paved historical center, it’s easy to forget the rues and woes of your daily life, cast aside your worries and responsibilities, and just let yourself enjoy.

If you’re a digital nomad and you’ve chosen Panama City as your home for the next few months, you won’t regret it—the city will sweep you off your feet. Make sure you keep your head in the game, though—you need to stay focused on your work even in a place like Panama, no matter how many distractions try to undermine you.

One of the best ways to keep up with your work is to find a motivating coworking space. A good enough space with a productive community can be enough to boost your creativity and determination. It can keep you efficient and productive, and help you do more in less time.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to take a pick, especially if you’re new in town. To help you find what you need, we have compiled a list of ten best—and one worst—coworking spaces in Panama City.

My Office Panama is our favorite place to cowork in Panama City

Source: My Office Panama

If you’re looking for a space that’s beautiful, conducive to hard work, and passionate about building a strong community, look no further. My Office is all that and more.

It is located in Obarrio, by the Calle 50, right across the street from the Japanese Embassy.

My Office prides itself on building a strong community. It organizes a lot of different workshops, lectures, and events. The members often have community lunches and drinks. The space also hosts TedX talks, and the members get a discount if they want to attend.

The Wi-Fi they provide is fast and reliable, so this is a great space if your work demands a high flow of data. You can easily give or attend a Skype-based lesson without fear of the internet causing you troubles in the middle of it.

My Office provides air conditioning, standing desks, and ergonomic chairs, so it is comfortable to work in. There is plenty of extra equipment, including sound and video recording tools, projectors, microphones, Chromecast, and printing equipment. They come at a little extra or no charge. Depending on the work you do, this can be a crucial benefit. For example, if you’re a travel vlogger, you might need a high-quality video recording system, so it’s great that your coworking space can provide it for you.

There are Skype and podcast rooms, personal lockers, and phone booths. The onsite restaurant is pretty good, so that’s convenient if you don’t want to go out of your way to eat, or you tend to get too immersed in your work. There are no other restaurants in the immediate surroundings, but there is a kitchen you can use.

You can get tea and coffee free of charge, but if you want something more elaborate than a simple cup of coffee, you have to pay extra. There is a Starbucks just around the block, so that’s great if you start feeling a bit homesick.

When you want to chill out, you can play table tennis with other nomads, browse through the library, or just enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, free of charge!

My Office is wheelchair accessible, so it can accommodate all of its visitors.

All in all, this is a fantastic coworking space with plenty of perks, so if you’re looking for a place to work in Panama City, make sure to give it a go!

  • Per day: USD 20
  • Per month: USD 99
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 am
  • Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm
  • Sunday: closed
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths Yes
Coliving Yes

We also enjoyed these coworking places

My Office is our favorite, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Your accommodation might be too far away, or the space may be unappealing to you for any other reason. If that’s the case, worry not, because we have your back. Here are nine other beautiful coworking spaces in Panama City.

  1. Panama Coworking Center
  2. Workings Obarrio
  3. Workings Punta Pacifica
  4. Workings Costa del Este
  5. The Cube Workspace
  6. Be Productive Workspaces
  7. Raw Workspace & Gallery
  8. Spaces
  9. Innova 109

Panama Coworking Center

Source: Panama Coworking

Located in Obarrio, Panama Coworking Center is close to the Embassy of Mexico and within walking distance from the Italian Embassy.

This is another coworking space that puts a lot of emphasis on building a strong community. The members can get a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Incubator programs
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship programs
  • Facebook group for members
  • Community app
  • Events
  • Community lunches and drinks
  • Pitching events
  • Accelerator programs

The Wi-Fi is fast and reasonably stable, and the space is air-conditioned, with standing desks and hammocks for extra comfort. There are phone booths and podcasting rooms, as well as personal lockers. You can use the kitchen if you want, but they provide free snacks as well, and it is possible to order food from a restaurant to be brought to your desk. Coworking Center even has a catering kitchen, so you can take advantage of the discount that members get.

If you need extra equipment, Coworking Center can offer you plenty. You can get access to sound and video recording equipment, printing tools, projectors, and microphones. There is a recording studio, and they even have a drone.

The space is dog-friendly, so you can take your furry friend to work with you. It is also wheelchair accessible.

When you want to chill out after a long day of work, you can always visit the library or play table tennis and board games with other people who need a break. There is an art gallery you can visit, and you can even get a massage, all without leaving the premises. Beer and wine are free as well, so you can just relax with a glass of whichever of the two you prefer.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 24 hours
  • Weekend: closed
Price Per day USD 25
Per week USD 90
Per month USD 300


Workings has three locations in Panama City, and all three are excellent. The open hours and the price are the same for each location.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 24 hours
  • Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 25
Per week USD 150
Per month USD 250

They all provide fast Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, and printing equipment. Membership works for all three locations. Here are the individual characteristics.

Workings Obarrio

Source: Workings

The first location, which is in Obarrio, is a few minutes’ walk from the park Harry Strunz and Obarrio metro station. There are plenty of restaurants in the area.

It has an excellent chill-out area, and it provides free coffee, beer, and snacks. There are a kitchen, Skype rooms, personal lockers, and an onsite café.

Workings Punta Pacifica

Source: Workings

The second location, Punta Pacifica, is a block away from the Punta Pacifica Hospital. There is a Starbucks a minute away and, if you drive, you’ll appreciate the large parking.

You can get free coffee and beer. Onsite café is excellent, and so is the lounge area.

Workings Costa del Este

Source: Workings

The third location, Costa del Este, is close to the Pan-American highway, and it’s almost at the beach.

They also provide free beer and coffee and have an incredibly relaxing chill-out area.

This is the only wheelchair-friendly location in Workings.

The Cube Workspace

Source: The Cube

The Cube is located in Via Espana right next to El Carmen metro station. They offer high-speed Wi-Fi and comfortable, air-conditioned space with ergonomic chairs.

They offer plenty of content for their members, including workshops, events, mentorship programs, and community drinks and lunches.

There are phone boots, personal lockers, and a kitchen you are welcome to use. Free coffee and tea are available, but there is an onsite restaurant in case you start craving something fancier than sandwiches and plain coffee.

When you get fed up with work, you can play board games or arcade games with your fellow nomads.

There is free parking, which should make your life much easier if you’re driving.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 2 pm
Price Per day USD 20
Per month USD 99

Be Productive Workspaces

Source: Be Productive Workspaces

If you’re trying to Be Productive, you’re at the right place. Located in El Dorado, this coworking space is within spitting distance of a Pizza Hut on one side and a McDonalds on the other, so you have where to go when you get hungry, or when the nostalgia strikes.

This is a pretty awesome coworking space with high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks. Even though they are not as passionate about building a community as some other coworking spaces, they still provide plenty of things to do—they organize fun events and workshops, as well as mentorship programs.

Be Productive offers a plethora of extra equipment, including sound and video recording, printing equipment, photo and recording studios, professional lighting, green screen, and much more. If your job requires more than just a laptop, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need at this coworking space.

You can access Be Productive in a wheelchair.

There are Skype rooms, phone booths, and podcasting rooms. Coffee and tea are free, but there is also an onsite café.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per month USD 79

Raw Workspace & Gallery

Source: Coworker

Raw Workspace is one of the more artistic coworking spaces in Panama. It is excellent for all of you who do creative work and appreciate the artwork hanging from the walls.

This coworking space puts a lot of effort into forming and maintaining a community. Workshops, events, and mentorship programs are organized to help individual members improve. The community members go for lunches and drinks. Raw Workspace members have their own Slack channel to keep in touch.

Raw provides printers, projectors, sound and video recording equipment, microphones, a 3D printer, and a drone. No matter what type of business you’re in, you are likely to find everything you need right here.

You can use Skype rooms, personal lockers, and a kitchen. Raw Workspace is a coworking and a co-living space, so you can save some time on commuting if you live there as well.

The place offers free tea, coffee, and beer, as well as plenty of entertainment. You can play board games with other people who could use a break, browse through the library, or look around the art gallery.

Open hours
  • 24/7
Price Per hour USD 4.75
Per day USD 18
Per week USD 75
Per month USD 169.99


Source: Coworker

Spaces is located at the corner of Calle 50 and Marbella. This is a superb coworking space that often hosts TedX talks.

They take good care of their community. Mentorship programs, pitching events, and various workshops are just three out of many benefits that Spaces provides for its members.

The equipment is top-notch, with sound and video recording tools, AR and VR equipment, as well as green screens, projectors, and printers.

This is a co-living as well, which is convenient if you don’t want to waste time going to and from the workplace.

Spaces provides free parking for the members, and it offers plenty of entertainment options, including foosball, a library, and an art gallery.

This coworking space is dog-friendly, and the onsite restaurant offers many diet-specific menus, including paleo, vegan, and halal.

Open hours
  • Every day: 8.30 am – 6:00 pm
Price Per day USD 14.20
Per month USD 99

Innova 109

Source: Coworker

Innova 109 is located in the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber), which, funnily enough, used to be a military base. It is a beautiful, chill coworking space with many bean bags scattered around the place, giving it the air of relaxation. The pastel green and orange tones make it truly pleasant to spend time in, and cause you to feel more content and at ease.

If you don’t like bean bags, that’s okay—there are incredibly comfortable ergo chairs for you to use. If you need them, there are also Skype rooms and phone booths.

If community meals, events, and programs weren’t enough, Innova 109 takes member involvement to the next level—it even has a sports team. It provides a pool table to entertain you during your break, and the space is dog-friendly, so your four-legged weirdo doesn’t have to feel lonely while you’re at work. If you start feeling a bit stiff from sitting for too long, you can always have a splash in their swimming pool.

There is free tea, coffee, and beer, but there is also an onsite café. Sometimes a simple coffee just doesn’t do the trick, and we’ve all felt the urge to get an extra-large Mochaccino from time to time, so a barista is there to make your wishes come true.

Open hours
  • 24/7
Price Per day USD 15
Per week USD 50
Per month USD 135

CoworkingPTY is our least favorite place to cowork in Panama City

Source: Coworkingpty

While CoworkingPTY is far from terrible, it is our least favorite coworking space in Panama City. The most significant downsides to this space are

  1. Uncomfortable seating
  2. Cramped space
  3. Bad lighting

The chairs are pretty decent, but you won’t be comfortable for an entire 6+ hours session. There are no standing desks or bean bags, so you can’t shift your position from time to time, which would be tough on your back even if the chairs were of supreme quality.

The space feels too cramped up. Small rooms contain too many desks to be comfortable, and if you’re claustrophobic, you won’t feel pleasant.

The biggest issue, though, is the lighting. The space doesn’t get enough natural light. The artificial light is bright enough, but a bit glaring as well. If you’re in any degree sensitive to light, you’re likely to suffer from a headache at the end of your session.

  • Per month: USD 120
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 am
  • Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday: closed
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices No
Phone booths No
Coliving No


Where to stay in Bocas del Toro

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro, a fascinating Panamanian group of islands

Wonderful nature, fascinating coral reefs, and gorgeous beaches—Bocas del Toro has it all. This idyllic island has become Panama’s hotspot, and for a good reason. The area has plenty of entertainment and relaxation options to offer and it is still relatively affordable. With its interesting cuisine, secluded beaches, and friendly vibe, we’re sure Bocas del Toro will win your heart. 

Photo credit: bocasdeltoro.panama

5 best neighborhoods to stay in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a wonderful province and whichever area you choose, you won’t regret it. It all comes down to your own preferences and needs. Bocas del Toro has both urban, lively places and peaceful, noiseless areas. To help you pick the best destination, we have selected our favorite places:

  1. Bocas Town
  2. Isla Colon
  3. Isla Carenero
  4. Big Creek
  5. The western part of Bocas Town

Our picks were based on these criteria:

  1. Natural beauty and beaches
  2. Fun things to see and do
  3. Cost of staying
  4. Location
  5. Safety
Where to stay in Bocas del Toro
Best for nightlife Bocas Town The epicenter of bars, clubs, and restaurants on the islands
Best for your first visit Isla Colon The biggest island in the province with a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options
Best for bohemian souls Isla Carenero A peaceful surfers’ paradise with outstanding nature
Best on a budget Big Creek An affordable area close to the town
Best for a long-term stay The western part of Bocas Town A neighborhood in the town, less noisy than the eastern part

Photo credit: bocasdeltoro.panama

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for nightlife: Bocas Town

Bocas Town is the biggest town on Isla Colon and the major urban center of Bocas del Toro Province. Unlike other parts of the island, Bocas Town doesn’t have beautiful beaches and magnificent nature. Still, it is the most vibrant part of the island. This tiny town is where you will find most bars, pubs, and beach restaurants. Its nightlife is fantastic and you can attend parties that you’ll remember for years to come. 

Where to spend your evenings in Bocas Town

Bocas Town has a lot of nightlife options to offer so you will easily find places that suit your own needs. From live gigs and lively dancefloors to casual bars and pubs, whatever your inner party animal craves, the town will provide it for you. If you want to have a great time in Bocas Town, make sure to visit these places:

  • Bocas Bookstore Bar
  • Bocas Pub Cruise
  • Bom Bom Beach Bar
  • Summer Beach Club

Summer Beach Club

If you’re looking for a wild beach party with lots of people, delicious cocktails, and amazing DJs, Summer Beach Club is a place you shouldn’t miss. The atmosphere is incredible and the dancefloor is crowded at all times. The music is mostly what you can hear on current top charts but you may also discover some local hits. The club is open until 3 am so you don’t need to worry about the party ending early. 

Photo credit: summerbocasdeltorro

Where to stay in Bocas Town

Bocas Town has hundreds of hotels, hostels, and AirBnBs to offer. On average, one night will cost you around $60. Check out our favorite places:

Budget option: this whole home in the center

Midrange option: a private room in this tropical B&B.

Luxurious option: this wonderful room in a cozy guesthouse

Browse for more options here

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for the first time — Isla Colon

Isla Colon is the main island in the Bocas del Toro Province. It is home to many wonderful beaches, cute little neighborhoods, and fantastic scenery. The island has plenty of beach activities to offer and is one of the favorite surfers’ destinations. Since it is rather small, you can move around the island easily and see all the best places on your first visit. 

What to see and do on Isla Colon

Isla Colon is full of fantastic tourist destinations. On this amazing island, you can explore stunning beaches, enjoy its natural wonders, and experiment with the local cuisine. Whatever your heart desires, you will find it on Isla Colon. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas of what you could see and do:

  • Boca del Drago
  • Playa Bluff
  • Reserva natural
  • Istmito Beach
  • Bocas Town

Playa Bluff

Playa Bluff is a gorgeous, eight kilometers long beach that looks like a place you could see on a postcard. This beach paradise is known for its golden sand and coconut trees. The beach is not overcrowded and there are only a couple of bars and restaurants. If you want to try out your surfing skills or get away from the noisy tourist crowds, Playa Bluff may be an ideal place for you. 

Photo credit: scottytaylor

Where to stay on Isla Colon

Prices vary from village to village and you can choose between high-end and more affordable places. Check out our top picks:

Budget option: this lovely house near Boca del Drago

Midrange option: this fantastic house near Bluff Beach

Luxurious option: this wonderful villa on Boca del Drago beach.

You don’t like these places? Check out other options here.  

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for bohemian souls: Isla Carenero

Isla Carenero is a small island near Isla Colon with outstanding historical significance. It is where Christopher Colombus and his crew spent a couple of months during their 1502 trip to the New World. The island is gorgeous: nature is pristine, the beaches, picturesque, and waves ideal for both the beginner and expert surfers. As the island is a bit off the beaten path, you will enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay. What makes things even better is that it won’t take you more than two minutes in the water taxi to get to Bocas Town. 

What to do on Isla Carenero

Although the island is known for its laid back lifestyle, there are plenty of interesting things to do. Its greatest strong points are surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. There are also several amazing restaurants specializing in seafood. In case you’re wondering where to go first, check out these places and activities:

  • Bibi’s On the Beach
  • Leaf Eaters Cafe
  • Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club
  • Escuela del Mar Surf School

Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club

Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club is Isla Carenero’s main attraction and is absolutely amazing! During these water tours, you will get to explore hidden beaches, coral reefs, and all the beauty of the Panamanian Carribean. This adventure is both exciting and eco-friendly, so it’s something no nature lover should miss. 

Photo credit: bocasstanduppaddleclub

Where to stay on Isla Carenero

Isla Carenero is full of wonderful accommodation options and one night costs around $100 on average. Check out our top picks:

Budget option: a suite in this colorful hotel.

Midrange option: a comfy room in a beach house.  

Luxurious option: this amazing house on the beach

You can browse for more options here

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro on a budget: Big Creek

Big Creek is a southern area on Isla Colon, connected to Bocas Town by Istmito Beach. This area is perfect for staying as it is peaceful but close to the town. Big Creek has several large resorts but most of the accommodation options are affordable family-owned hostels and AirBnBs. 

What to do in Big Creek

Although Bocas Town is where you will find the most interesting activities, Big Creek has some interesting locations to offer. Check out our favorite spots:

  • Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Bocas del Toro Research Station
  • Istmito Beach

Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden

If you love animals or flowers, Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden should be one of your first stops. The garden is home to adorable sloths and playful howler monkeys. You will also see wonderful flowers of all shapes and sizes. 

Photo credit: alexandrawick

Where to stay in Big Creek

In Big Creek, you will easily find accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Check out our favorite places: 

Budget option: this private room in a guesthouse.

Midrange option: this eco-friendly bungalow.

Luxurious option: this fantastic villa.

You can browse for more AirBnBs here

Where to stay in Panama City

Where to stay in Panama City — Live like a local in the coolest neighborhoods in Panama

Founded in 1519, Panama City is the capital of Panama. Thanks to its long history, it has a number of historical and culturally significant landmarks, and even a whole district dedicated to those landmarks. One of the things most often associated with Panama is, of course, the Panama Canal. Thanks to its construction, Panama and Panama City were effectively put on the map and the Canal helped grow the economy, as well as help the city grow into the modern metropolis that it is today.

Image source: xavies35

5 best neighborhoods to stay in Panama City

Thanks to the blend of old and new, traditional and modern, Panama City can cater to anybody’s taste. The city is divided into a number of corregimientos which is a Spanish term for district subdivisions. Below we will present you with our top 5 picks for the best neighborhoods in Panama City.

  1. San Francisco
  2. El Cangrejo
  3. Costa Del Este
  4. Obarrio
  5. Casco Viejo


San Francisco Great for first-time visitors who wish to explore the charm of Panama. Some of the more prominent landmarks include Atlapa Convention Centre and Parque Omar. Overall, this neighborhood provides a great mix of opportunities for relaxing and having fun.
El Cangrejo El Cangrejo is known for its exotic and fun nightlife. There are a number of great bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants in this area. Perfect for those who like to party and dance the night away.
Costa Del Este Costa Del Este is more of a luxurious neighborhood with high-end shops, fancy restaurants, and pricier accommodation. However, it is not as touristy as some other areas, thus it is more quiet and calm. 
Obarrio Obarrio is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Panama City, which is great news for travelers on a budget. There are still plenty of things to do and places to see.
Casco Viejo Casco Viejo offers its visitors a blend of hip, traditional, modern, and historical. An excellent neighborhood for those who want to learn more about Panama City through its art, history, and culture.

Transportation in Panama City

Buses: an easy and affordable way of moving around the city. The majority of people in Panama commute by bus because it is cheap and they run often.

Taxis: are present throughout the entire city. They are yellow and don’t have any meters. You should keep this in mind when taking a taxi. Make sure to negotiate the fare with the driver before heading to your destination. On average, in Panama City, taxi fares are around 3 US dollars.

Where to stay in Panama City for the first time— San Francisco

A bustling and lively neighborhood with an abundance of options for entertainment, fun, and exploration of Panama City. An excellent place to come to if you are visiting Panama for the first time.

Things to see and do in San Francisco

These are some of our suggestions for activities and places to visit:

  • Atlapa Convention Centre
  • 5inco Cocina Urbana
  • Parque Omar

Atlapa Convention Centre

A convention center that has been opened for several decades. Frequently they host all kinds of events, concerts, sporting events, and other interesting and fun events.

Image source: iamyohany

5inco Cocina Urbana

A restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines, ideal for foodies.

Image source: 5incopanama

Parque Omar

An oasis in the middle of the busy and loud city. The park has trails for walking, exercising equipment, and playgrounds. A great place to rest and relax, and see some great murals.

Image source: run_mela_run

Where to stay in San Francisco

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: an apartment close to markets, shops, and restaurants.

Mid-range: a modern apartment close to Parque Omar.

Luxury: a large and spacious apartment with a view of the city.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Panama City for nightlife — El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo is one of the trendiest and most vibrant areas in all of Panama City. This neighborhood has everything, from low-key and chill coffee shops to colorful and exhilarating bars, clubs, and pubs. 

Things to see and do in El Cangrejo

Here are some of our recommendations for places to visit while in El Cangrejo. These places were selected based on the atmosphere and location.

Here are some of our picks:

  • Istmo Brew Pub
  • La Rana Dorada
  • El Chante Panama

Istmo Brew Pub

Head to this pub for a relaxing night out. Enjoy various types of beer and other alcoholic beverages. They also have a pool table so you can play a game with friends, or maybe have fun with the locals.

Image source: gpetersond

La Rana Dorada

This bar offers delicious food and great drinks along with a lively atmosphere.

Image source:  hreaper

El Chante Panama

This bar has a real local feel to it. Spend the night out drinking and having fun with the locals in an inviting and fun atmosphere.

Image source: pbeventspty

Where to stay in El Cangrejo

There are a number of affordable apartments for renting, with the average price per night being around $60. Most of them are concentrated in the heart of the area, in the vicinity of a lot of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

Affordable: a 1-bed, 1-bath apartment close to transportation and all the tourist attractions.

Mid-range: a fully furnished apartment in an excellent location.

Luxury: a lavish and luxurious apartment.

If you are interested in other options make sure to check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Panama City long term — Costa Del Este

Over the last several years, Costa Del Este has become one of the favorite places among international expats. This area also has a large number of corporations. When it comes to buying property here it is a bit more expensive, however, renting a place offers a great deal for a decent sum of money. Thanks to the fact that this area is so well planned, you are able to get everywhere very easily. Costa Del Este is also close to Tocumen International Airport, which is a great bonus. In this area, you are also close to shops, malls, parks, entertainment, restaurants, and so on. 

Things to see and do in Costa Del Este

  • Go for a walk through Parque Costa del Este
  • Shop at Multiplaza Panamá
  • Dine at Noi Restaurante

Parque Costa del Este

Take a break in this oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Take in the beautiful scenery and unwind after a long day.

Image source: comoyoveoapanama

Multiplaza Panamá

From high-end to low-end shops, Multiplaza Panamá has something for everybody’s taste and wallet. It also has a variety of restaurants and well-known fast-food chains.

Image source: otto.alvarez.b

Noi Restaurante

This trendy restaurant serves dishes from a wide variety of cuisines, namely Argentine, Italian, and the Mediterranean. You can also find vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options.

Image source: restaurantenoi

Where to stay in Costa Del Este

Due to the increasing popularity of this area, it is getting slightly harder to find a place to stay, especially for a longer period of time. Depending on the time of the year, and the demand, the prices may go up or down. Obviously, living in the center is the most expensive option, and you are more likely to find more value for your money if you decide to move away from the center. 

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: a spacious apartment in a great location.

Mid-range: a modern apartment with a view of the ocean.

Luxurious: this apartment is just 15 minutes away from the airport.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.