Best (and Worst) Coworking Spaces in Quito

Best and worst coworking spaces in Quito

If you’ve decided to go to Quito, you’re already looking forward to seeing Pichincha Volcano, Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve, and the Virgin of El Panecillo. Don’t let these beauties distract you, though—you know you’ll have to work there as well, so you better start preparing for that too.

To stay focused in a gorgeous environment that is Quito, you’ll need to find something to ground you, motivate you every day, and remind you that You. Love. Your. Job. Even though it’s keeping you from such marvelous sights.

The best way to keep your head in the game is to find a coworking space you’ll love. This way, work becomes an integral part of the experience, instead of some burden you have to bear. Coworking spaces bring people together, so you’ll likely to make new friends as well!

Here are our top picks for coworking spaces in Quito.

PLAY House is our favorite place to cowork in Quito

Source: PLAY House

If you want to play hard, you have to work hard, and PLAY House is just the place you need. There is fast and reliable Wi-Fi, so you can do your thing without glitches and bugs. Standing desks and ergonomic chairs are there to keep your back healthy and strong and help you avoid stiffness that comes with sitting down for too long.

PLAY House provides video recording equipment and microphones, so all travel vloggers can make decent videos without having to bring all their expensive gadgets with them everywhere. There are some projectors as well, in case you want to organize a meeting or a workshop. You can use Skype rooms for virtual meetings or online classes.

TEDx events are organized regularly at PLAY house, as is a plethora of other activities, workshops, etc. The community building and maintenance is essential to PLAY House, so they encourage their members to spend time together and go for community lunches and drinks. They provide mentorship, accelerator, and incubator programs as well. This coworking space is great for anyone who likes having a strong sense of community and togetherness.

There is a kitchen for your inner Gordon Ramsey and, when you get a bit stressed, you can have a shower to relax. PLAY House is a co-living accommodation as well, so if you stay there, you won’t have to waste any time on commuting. The entire space is dog-friendly, so you don’t have to spend half of your days missing your fluffy little weirdo.

When you’re done with work, and it’s time to play, you won’t be short of options. There are a library and an art gallery you can browse through if you’re an artistic type of person. If you prefer a more fun kind of entertainment, don’t worry—there are board games and arcade games to suit everyone’s taste. You can even do karaoke with the other nomads and have a blast!

If you’re driving, you’ll be happy to know that there’s free parking on-premise. If you’re not, it’s okay—you’re just a five minutes’ walk from public transit anyway.

There is free water, tea, and coffee, but you’ll have to pay for the alcohol. There is an onsite café for those of you whose coffee is not a coffee unless it’s a chocolate chip frappuccino, and there is a catering kitchen to save you from starvation.

  • Per day: USD 10
  • Per week: USD 40
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am – 2 pm
  • Sunday: closed
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths Yes
Coliving Yes

We also loved these coworking spaces

If PLAY House is not to your liking for any reason, don’t worry—there are much more fish in the sea. Here are nine other places we loved in Quito.

  1. WorkingUP
  2. IMPAQTO Coworking- La Carolina
  3. Coworking ConQuito
  4. OfficeHELP
  5. Big Bang House
  6. IMPAQTO Cumbaya
  7. Torno co.lab
  8. Cohesion Group
  9. La Casa Mutante


Source: WorkingUp

If you want a coworking space with high-speed Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, you’re at the right place. WorkingUp offers bean bags and ergonomic chairs, as well as a pretty outdoor terrace for when you want to stretch your legs.

They provide printing equipment that their visitors can use, and there are computers too, because who wants to carry their laptop around every single day?

A kitchen is at your disposal, so you don’t have to order food or go out to eat in the middle of work. Skype rooms are there for all of the nomads who use video calls in their work. If you’re an online teacher or you have a virtual meeting, you’re good to go!

There is a great chill-out area with a ping pong table, in case you want to move around a bit. Find another nomad in need of a break, and come back to work with a sense of accomplishment once you’ve won a set or two.

WorkingUp is dog-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry pal in your hotel room and miss him all day long. The staff will offer some free drinking water and coffee. There are some alcoholic drinks, but you’ll have to pay for them.

If you’re driving, you’ll be glad to know that there is free parking you can use.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 10
Per month USD 145

IMPAQTO Coworking- La Carolina


IMPAQTO in La Carolina offers fast and reliable Wi-Fi and—for those of you who loathe sitting all day long—standing desks to save your backs.

You can use their printing equipment, and there are personal lockers, Skype rooms, and a kitchen at your disposal. You can chill out outdoors, or you can opt for a game of ping pong and a glass of cold beer when it’s time for a break. Or maybe you’d prefer a quiet cup of coffee instead? Everything is free of charge, so take your pick.

The space is cat and dog-friendly, so you can bring your little (or not so little) friend to help you work.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per month USD 60

Coworking ConQuito

Source: Coworking ConQuito

If you want to get some work done and not mess around, ConQuito is the cowork space you need. It provides high-speed Wi-Fi, and there are bean bags to switch to when the regular chairs get too hard on your back and legs.

They organize many fun activities and outings for their community members and host TedX events.

Personal lockers are at your disposal, as are Skype rooms if you need them. If you know you can do your Skype-based work without fear that the background noise will be too loud, you’ll be able to focus more.

There is free parking on the premises, and the space is wheelchair accessible.

ConQuito offers free drinking water and coffee. In the moments when your craving for a Mochaccino can’t be satiated with a basic coffee, you can turn to the onsite café—but this is a pleasure for which you’ll have to pay extra.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per month USD 39


Source: OfficeHELP

If you’d like a more classic but functional coworking space, OfficeHELP is the place for you. All in gentle white and beige colors, it is gorgeous, and it gives you the impression of a more traditional office space. It provides high-speed Wi-Fi and ergonomic chairs—but don’t expect any bean bags or standing desks. The area is wheelchair accessible.

They host TedX events and also organize their own workshops and community drinks.

They provide plenty of extra equipment. Some examples include

  • Dual / single monitors
  • Printing equipment
  • Screen printers
  • Computers (PCs and Macs)
  • Projectors
  • Apple TV
  • Microphones

There is a kitchen you can use, as well as a catering kitchen. You can buy snacks, and there is an onsite café, but tea and basic coffee are free.

If you’re driving, bad luck—there is no free parking. If you’re a biker, though, you can park your bike for free. Otherwise, public transportation is only five minutes away, so you’re good anyway.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 10
Per week USD 50
Per month USD 180

Big Bang House

Source: Cowork Booking

Big Bang House boasts a reliable Wi-Fi and friendly and motivating working atmosphere. They have a great community and organize different workshops, outings, events, and programs to keep everybody together and help individual members make progress. There is even a Big Bang House sports team. The space hosts TedX talks as well, and community members can get discounts if they want to attend.

They provide ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and bean bags, so you have plenty of options, and you can be comfortable no matter which your preferred style of working is.

They provide sound recording equipment as well as printers, scanners, and photocopiers. There are personal lockers and a kitchen you can use. Parking is free, but the space is five minutes away from public transport, so it’s quite convenient even if you don’t drive.

Once you’re done with work, you can chill out while playing board games with other nomads, or just relax and have a drink. Tea and coffee are free, but there is also an onsite café in case you want something different from what they offer.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 9.99
Per week USD 65
Per month USD 130



If you like to have space, IMPAQTO Cumbaya is what you’re looking for. It is incredibly spacious and full of natural light. It provides fast and reliable Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, and printing equipment. There are also Skype rooms and personal lockers.

IMPAQTO hosts TedX events and provides activities and workshops of its own for its members, who have 24 hours access to the premises.

If you want to relax, there are indoor and outdoor chill-out areas, as well as a ping pong table. The space is dog-friendly, too. Water and coffee are free and unlimited.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per month USD 60

Torno co.lab

Source: Torno

If you’re looking for a not-so-traditional coworking space, Torno is the place for you. With the modern, industrial aesthetics, even though it gives you the air of incompleteness, it has a certain charm that’s not easy to resist. It provides high-speed Wi-Fi and standing desks, so you don’t have to pay for physical therapy down the road.

They provide printing equipment, including a 3D printer. The space is wheelchair accessible.

If you don’t want to waste time traveling from accommodation to the coworking space and back, you’ll be glad to know that Torno includes both co-living and coworking arrangements. Even if you don’t live there, you can use their kitchen while you work. Coffee is free, but you need to pay for any alcoholic beverages you crave. There is an onsite café as well.

When you’re finished with work, or just need a break, there are things to keep you occupied. You can enjoy the ping pong table with a fellow nomad, or browse through the library. Cats and dogs are allowed, so you can also bring your best friend to keep you company.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 10
Per week USD 40
Per month USD 99

Cohesion Group

Source: Cohesion Group

As a traditional option to counter TORNO, we offer Cohesion Group coworking space. It is incredibly pretty and clean, with reliable Wi-Fi and good seating options, which include standing desks and ergo chairs. The space is a bit on the posh side, so don’t expect any bean bags or let alone hammocks. They provide printing equipment, as well as projectors. You can use personal lockers in the space.

Cohesion Group takes care of its community and organizes events and workshops to help bring everyone together.

Coffee and water are free, and you have access to the kitchen. The space is dog-friendly, which is great for all of us who can’t stand the separation for even half a day.

There is no free parking, but public transport is a mere five minutes away.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 10
Per week USD 50
Per month USD 100

La Casa Mutante

Source: La Casa Mutante

La Casa Mutante is a beautiful coworking space with bright colors and a pleasant atmosphere conducive to work. It organizes occasional events for its community, so it’s suitable for those of you who enjoy a community activity from time to time, but get a bit annoyed if those are advertised too often or too aggressively.

This is a co-living as well, so you can save some time on transportation if you live and work in the same building. La Casa Mutante provides printers, scanners, and photocopiers you can use.

There are an outdoor terrace and a chill-out area, as well as a kitchen. Water and coffee are free, but there is an onsite café for any fancier options you may want.

Open hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Price Per day USD 12
Per week USD 40
Per month USD 150

Latinnova is our least favorite place to cowork in Quito

Source: Latinnova

While Latinnova is not terrible, it is our least favorite place to cowork in Quito.

It is a space more interested in the academic aspect of business than in doing actual work. Most of the events they organize deal with theoretical musings on good and bad business practices. This is great for people of similar interests, but if you just want to get some work done and have some fun, you’re not likely to have any interest in the community in Latinnova.

There is nothing to help you relax after a long session at your computer. They don’t even provide ergo chairs, so you’re likely to feel quite uncomfortable after you’re done working.

  • Per hour: USD 3
  • Per month: USD 60
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 am
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths Yes
Coliving No


Where to stay in Quito

Expat Talk: Where to stay in Quito?
Source: Wikipedia

San Francisco de Quito, commonly known just as Quito is the capital city of Ecuador.

This mountainside city sits at an astonishing 2850 meters (1.771 miles) above sea level, making it the highest-standing constitutional capital city in the world.

In 1978, Quito became the first city to be named a World Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco.

The city sits next to the still-active volcano Pichincha, making for some great hikes on this unique landscape.

There are lots of areas that have a mix of modern and antique neighborhoods, so to narrow it down we used the following metrics:

  • Close to the city center
  • Plenty of things to do
  • Reasonably priced
  • Safety

If you’re planning a trip to this historic city, here are some of the neighborhoods/areas we recommend you check out, as well as reasons to do so:

Quito Old Town Best for first-timers
Mariscal Sucre Best nightlife in Quito
La Floresta Bohemian/artistic

Transportation – Getting around Quito

Although Quito has a metro line under construction, it’s projected to be opened by March 2020. For now, there are 4 main ways to get around the city:

  1. Bus – The city’s unique, narrow shape makes for easy to follow public transportation lines. The typical bus runs horizontally from one point of the city to another (top to bottom). The typical public transportation bus in Quito is gray, blue or green. It’s marked with a number, making it easy to search up its line and learn about the stops. On the front of the bus, you’ll find the information on (at least) the first and final bus stop displayed. They are fairly cheap and you can buy tickets once you board them.
Source: Flickr GojiMet86
  1. Trolleybus – These electric buses run on power supplied by two overhead cables. The advantage of trolleybuses is, they have their unique lane assigned, so getting stuck in traffic shouldn’t happen, making them quite efficient and fast. Their stops are recognizable by boarding platforms that align with the doors of the bus. They are also fairly cheap and you can just hop on them and a conductor will approach you, from whom you can buy a ticket.
Source: Flickr Orion V
  1. Taxis – They can easily be found on the streets and are also reasonably cheap for the extra convenience they provide. They are also a safer option (more on that later on). Taxis that operate legally will have taximeters that count the price, so if you don’t see one, leave. Official taxis are yellow and have a sticker with driver and company information on the front windshield or the side doors.
Source: Flickr doppio_espresso
  1. Uber – Although Uber does exist in Quito, there is a catch – technically it’s illegal to use. There’s no denying that the country is corrupt, and that creeps into public transportation as well. So it’s no surprise that the service with full transparency is a problem for rivaling corrupt businesses. You can use the service and even if you’re caught, you won’t face any charges, but the driver will. Luckily, it’s not hard to mask, simply sitting on the front seat already makes it look like a normal passenger car.

The best area for first-timers in Quito—Quito Old Town

Quito Old Town, also known as Centro Histórico, is the perfect place to start for a simple reason – it’s in the middle of everything.

Pros Cons
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Easy access to other areas, most attractions in the city are within walking distance
  • Many cultural landmarks
  • Affordable
  • Not many nightlife options in the area
  • Modern tourist attractions are more easily found in other areas

What to see and do in Old Town Quito?

Visit the churches of Quito

The Basilica of the National Vow is a Roman-Catholic church in the heart of the city and one of the largest neo-gothic landmarks on the American continents. Although the plan to build the monument was set in motion back in 1883, and even though today it stands at 140 meters (460 feet) tall, technically it’s unfinished. There’s also a local legend surrounding the church, saying that if it’s ever completed, that will mark the end of the world.

The two other notable churches are the 17th century La Compania de Jesus, covered completely in gold, and the 16th century San Francisco church, home to many works from the Quito school of art.

Explore Old Town

As mentioned, the town is a registered world heritage site. The reason for this is the largely unchanged architecture of buildings and squares since the town’s inception in Colonial days. Finish your exploration at the Plaza Grande (Independence Square) and visit the Carondelet Palace, the government seat of Ecuador.

Source: Wikipedia

Climb El Panecillo
El Panecillo is a hillside on the edge of Old Town Quito. On top of the hill is a giant statue known as the Virgin of the Quito (Woman of the Apocalypse). On a clear day, she can even be seen from downtown, watching over the city.

Where to stay in Quito Old Town? Our top


Affordable price range: Casa Carpedm – a great option for the price






Moderate price range: Arte Y Romance Loft – modern and spacious loft









Luxury price range: Old Town Quito Apartments & Boutique Hotel – dead center location, luxurious furniture, and commodities







Where to stay in Quito for the nightlife—Mariscal Sucre

This modern district of Quito will attract people looking for the most amount of fun in one location.

Pros Cons
  • Centrally Located
  • Lots of things to do
  • Very lively all day long
  • Can get overcrowded
  • Not as rich culturally

What to see and do in Mariscal Sucre?

Explore Artisan Market

Visit Artesanal de Mariscal for some bargain shopping. Visit the many gift shops offering a wide variety of items such as traditional clothing, souvenirs and more, all of which can be bargained for. Top it off by eating cheap, authentic Ecuadorian food.

Visit Plaza Forch at evening/night

The party in Quito is at Plaza Forch. The area is known for having a wide variety of street performers, street vendors, and the occasional musical or dance live performance. On top of that, it’s filled with many cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs to spend your evening in. We highly recommend checking in for Salsa nights, even if you don’t know how to dance salsa. At worst you’ll enjoy the atypical (South American) party music which is quite lively and upbeat, and you’ll likely learn a few salsa steps from both locals and enthusiasts.

Source: Facebook @Salsoteca Lavoe

Where to stay in La Mariscal? Our top choices

Affordable price range: this cute and cozy hostel






Moderate price range: Suite 73 at Swissötel Quito – modern apartment, highly-rated hoast







Luxury price range: luxurious and spacious hotel

Where to stay in Quito for bohemian/artistic souls — La Floresta

Nicknamed “The Forest” for its wide variety of trees and flowers filling the streets, this neo-classical area is known for being home to artistic souls and enthusiasts alike.

Pros Cons
  • Rich culturally
  • Very colorful
  • Artful scenery
  • Easy to exhaust things to do in the area

What to see and do in La Floresta?

Ocho y Medio Theater

Named after Federico Fellini’s iconic movie 8 And a Half (8½), this movie theater features atypical movie programs, playing foreign films, independent creations, and those considered movie classics. Along with the theater is a colorful, artistic cafe, where you can grab a drink in-between watching movies and admire the art displays.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
Source: Facebook @Ochoymedio Ecuador

El Pobre Diablo Jazz Club

The most popular jazz club in Quito hosts both local and international musicians alike. It’s the best nightlife experience in La Floresta and the party goes well into the night. It also houses a restaurant, so you can come by the day to enjoy some food or do it before the show starts.

Source: Facebook @El Pobre Diablo

Where to stay in La Floresta? Our top choices

Affordable price range: simple and well-equipped hostel






Moderate price range: 612 Boutique Suite – amazingly colorful and artistic







Luxury price range: High-end hotel

Is Quito a safe city for tourists?

Quito is a safe town for travelers, but it’s not perfect. Make sure to keep your valuables safe when you use public transportation, otherwise you might fall prey to a pickpocket. Similarly, you shouldn’t find yourself walking down unpopulated, dark streets at night. Although the city is doing its best to battle crime in an effort to boost the tourism economy, there’s no denying that these types of crimes still exist.