Best (and Worst) Coworking Spaces in Medellin

10 best (and worst) coworking spaces in Medellin

Known as the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia that has turned into a modern metropolis in the last two decades. Metrocable is one of the most popular landmarks here taking visitors over barrios and lush Aburrá Valley.

Medellin used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world less than a decade ago thanks to Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel. Today, this city has left its dark past behind and has become one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads and expats. The low cost of living, a mild climate, and lots of coffee shops and coworking spaces attract foreigners from all over the world to create their work base here. Inexpensive public transportation and medical care, as well as friendly locals, are also incentives to come and live here. If it’s your first time in Medellin, take a look at this travel vlog:

In recent years, Medellin has become one of the favorite South American destinations for digital nomads. It has over 40 coworking spaces and here are the ones that stand out.

Tinkko Milla de Oro is our favorite place to cowork in Medellin

Image source: Tinkko Milla de Oro Facebook

Tinkko Milla de Oro occupies the 15th and 16th floors of the Golden Mile building in the most popular neighborhood in the city — El Poblado. Metro-A line and bus Gascuña 2 are a few minutes away on Avenida El Poblado. Starbucks is on the first floor of the same building, and there are many affordable hostels in the area like The Black Sheep Hostel and Rango Boutique Hostel.

The space is well lit and you can even book a seat by the windows and enjoy the view of the whole Medellin. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks will make sure you are comfortable and without back pain even after hours of working. With a 3D printer, Chromecast, scanner, printer, and projector, this is a great working space for business meetings, workshops, and presentations.

The lounge and chill-out area are perfect to de-stress while the onsite café serves excellent coffee for a reasonable price. If you want to meet other coworkers, stop by their signature Tinkko Nights event to mingle.

  • COP 55,125 per day
  • COP 495,500 per month
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 7 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am – 2 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone Booths Yes
Coliving No

Imperio Coworking is our least favorite place to cowork in Medellin

Image source: Imperio Coworking Facebook

Imperio Coworking is located in the south of Patio Bonito District, some 25 minutes away from the Medellin downtown by Metro-A line. This is a commercial sector with shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. It is also only 10 minutes away from one of the most beautiful parks in the city Parque Lineal La Presidenta.

This coworking space is far from nonfunctional and has the potential to turn into a prime coworking space one day. It seems too small and narrow because of badly positioned work stations. Lack of ergonomic furniture is another downside, and frequent breaks to stretch can ruin productivity and posture. The presence of high-profile coworking spaces in the area may inspire upgrades in the future. For now, a pet-friendly policy and TED talks are the most attractive aspects of this coworking space.

  • COP 50,000 per day
  • COP 150,000 per week
  • COP 450,000 per month
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 7 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am – 1 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths No
Coliving No

Four coworking spaces in Medellin we also love

Medellin has over 40 coworking spaces and here are best of them:

  1. Selina Cowork
  2. Los Patios CO-WORKING
  3. Quokka Café Coworking
  4. Factoria Coworking & Hacker Center

Selina Cowork in Las Lomas

Image source: Selina Cowork

Selina Cowork is part of a hostel in the Medellin entertainment area, not far away from city landmarks. El Poblado Park is 15 minutes away, and the neighborhood is full of nightlife venues, shopping centers, and eateries. The hostel and coworking space are part of the franchise present in Brazil, the USA, Greece, and other countries all over the world.

Available co-living accommodation saves time and money although private rooms could be bigger. It’s equipped to host TEDx, workshops, and various other events. There are also an outdoor terrace, Skype room, and a lounge area ready to use. Lack of standing desks is surprising for a place that has amenities like a library, yoga studio and meditation room. This won’t be an issue if you bring a travel stand desk to work standing up and spare your back from too much sitting. If you like to stay close to your pets, they allow both cats and dogs.

Los Patios CO-WORKING in Manila

Image source: Los Patios Hostel

Los Patios CO-WORKING is a modern and well-equipped space within the hostel in the Manila neighborhood. This working space is 5 minutes away from public transportation, located in one of the most vibrant areas of Medellin. Parque El Poblado is close by and the area is full of restaurants of all profiles. Medellin Modern Art Museum is five and Santa Fe Zoo around 25 minutes away on foot.

We love Los Patios because it’s all about connecting people through hosting events and building a friendly network of digital nomads. Besides the indoor desks and several meeting rooms, a large rooftop is also available for work. Narciso Café has some of the best coffee in Medellin, and you get 10% for being the coworking space member. Ergonomic furniture and the gym will keep you in shape, while foosball, pool, and ping pong tables cover the entertainment. They even have a vegan and gluten-free menu!

Quokka Café Coworking in Astorga

Image source: Quokka Café Coworking Facebook

Quokka Café Coworking offers a peaceful spot to work in the touristy El Poblado area. Coffee lovers will enjoy the Toucan Coffee Museum with tasting tours, while Criminal Taqueria is one of the best spots to eat. Astorga neighborhood is perfect for those who like to party all night since clubs stay open until 4 am.

The great thing about Quokka is that it has a huge open space full of nature perfect for brainstorming. It’s not hard to feel at home when the staff is welcoming and ready to help with anything you need. The podcasting room is a nice touch, although sometimes the space can be too noisy to record anything. A large patio is perfect for networking and collaborative work or just to take a break and have coffee. Eateries down the street are a good way to stretch your legs and have lunch.

Factoria Coworking & Hacker Center in Astorga

Image source: Factoria Coworking & Hacker Center Instagram

Factoria Coworking & Hacker Center is 10 minutes away from the metro and just a few minutes away from Parque de la Bailarina. Just like other coworking spaces in El Poblado, everything is close by and easy to explore—museums, the zoo, and many eateries.

The main focus of Factoria is to provide resources for entrepreneurs, startups, and companies. We like that this space is focused on gathering people and exchanging ideas by sponsoring meetups and other networking events. The lack of parking space is disappointing but you can park two blocks away, by the church, for free. If you need to recharge, try the Relax Zone with the nap and meditation rooms.

Other coworking spaces in Medellin:

Where to stay in Medellin

Where to stay in Medellin, the City of Eternal Springs

Once known as the world’s most dangerous city, Medellin in Colombia has become one of the most innovative tourist hotspots in South America. With 5 million+ international visitors every year, this city is only getting more popular. Medellin’s nickname The City of Eternal Springs speaks volumes about the city’s breathtaking beauty and scenery. The vibrant culture and friendly locals improve the overall experience even more.

Medellin offers something for everyone: backpackers hungry for adventure will find as much fun in this Colombian city as families who want to relax or travelers looking to explore the nightlife. Walking tours, learning more about the city’s history and culture, hiking in the nearby mountains, and salsa dancing after sunset are just some of the amazing things you’ll get to do during your visit to Medellin.

Image by Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay 

Transportation in Medellin

Even though Medellin is a mountain city, the public transportation system is well developed and rather modern. Visitors can use the Metro, MetroCable, MetroPlus, and public bus system. UniViajes are metro tickets that will serve you for a one-way trip. Learn more about the metro here

Image Source: studyspanishtrail

Five best neighborhoods to stay in Medellin

Medellin is Colombia’s second-largest city. It’s split into six zones: main urban area and five more townships. Even though the city is gaining popularity as a tourist destination and has a growing population, you should still exercise caution when picking the areas you wish to visit and stay in. It would be best to stick with the main urban zone, which is still fairly large and offers plenty of options for sightseeing, exploration, and fun. Medellin’s urban zone consists of 16 communes, which include 249 neighborhoods. In order to come up with our top 5 neighborhood list, we used the following factors:

  1. The atmosphere and vibe of the area
  2. Interesting things to do and see
  3. The cultural and historical importance
  4. Neighborhood safety
  5. Ease of transport
  6. Accommodation cost
Quick Medellin Neighborhoods Roundup
Laureles For first-time visitors
La Candelaria For traveling on a budget
El Poblado For best nightlife
Belén For bohemian fun
Envigado For families/long term stay

Image by Ulises Casaraz from Pixabay 

Where to stay in Medellin, Colombia for the first time: Laureles

It may not be the most popular and famous Medellin neighborhood, but Laureles definitely stands out as a great choice for first-time visitors to this city. The mix of modern comfort and traditional Colombian lifestyle is exactly what most tourists want when looking where to stay in Medellin. Not to mention that this is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

During your stay in Laureles, you can choose to live like a local with supermarkets and small locally-owned restaurants at your immediate reach, but you can also enjoy a variety of chain shops and eateries.

You’ll need approximately 15 minutes to get to the metro station on foot. If that’s too much for you, you can always use the bus.

Image Source: jsebas.saldarriaga

Where to go in Laureles

Laureles may be a quiet and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of activities to enjoy and things to see.

  • Check out bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Enjoy the beauty of the park and engage in some sports fun

Best for party people, foodies, and coffee lovers: streets 70 and 33

Quaint cafes and rich coffee culture will keep you busy if this is your jam. Don’t hesitate to visit the streets 70 and 33 for exciting nightlife with salsa bars, live music, and more. Unicentro and Mall Laureles are the hotspots of the area for shopping fun.

Image Source: cafeteatrolaureles

Best for nature and sports enthusiasts: Atanasio Girardot stadium 

Go to Atanasio Girardot stadium to watch a football match or go for a swim, play basketball, or visit a skate park. Afterward, you can relax at the Primer Parque Laureles park. 

Image Source: wikimedia commons 

Where to stay in Laureles

You can find accommodations in Laureles for as low as $19, with the average price per night around $37. These are our favorite picks:

This modern budget option






This amazing mid-range penthouse









This beautiful lux house – Inntu Hotel







Where to stay in Medellin on a budget: La Candelaria

The lively and touristy downtown area by day but a riskier place at night, La Candelaria is a Medellin favorite when it comes to a budget stay. If you don’t mind the edgier nature of this neighborhood once the night falls, you’re bound to save a lot of money on your travels. Also known as El Centro, La Candelaria has plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as diverse exploration possibilities. Just remember to take a taxi once it gets dark.

Image Source: juliocesaroro

Where to go in La Candelaria

Don’t let the conflicting day/night atmosphere of this neighborhood deter you from exploring its many beauties.

  • Marvel at the art, museums, and religious buildings
  • Relax in the city squares and get some shopping done

Best for art and history lovers: The Cultural Palace of Rafael Uribe

Art lovers will enjoy The Cultural Palace of Rafael Uribe, the Museo de Antioquia, and Pedro Nel Gomez murals. Check out Medellin’s gorgeous religious buildings such as La Candelaria Church, San Antonio Church, the Metropolitan Church, the Church of San Ignacio, and Veracruz Church.

Image Source: museodeantioquia

Best for relaxation and shopping: The Playa

Relax at Plazuela San Ignacio and Plaza San Antonio squares and take a stroll along The Playa. Enjoy some shopping fun at Avenida Junin, El Hueco, and Carabobo, and then gaze at Parque de las Luces’ stunning illuminations.

Image Source: jjmedellinontimetours 

Where to stay in La Candelaria

It’s possible to find a place in Candelaria for as low as $12, with the average price per night at just about $22. See our top choices:


This modern budget hostel






This amazing mid-range boho apartment









This gorgeous lux apartment






Where to stay in Medellin for nightlife: El Poblado

El Poblado is Medellin’s hotspot for fun and partying. This is also the wealthiest neighborhood in the city. If you’re looking where to stay in Medellin for rich nightlife action, this is definitely the place. El Poblado has a bunch of international bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops, enough to satisfy the most different tastes.

Image by Nelson García Bedoya from Pixabay 

Where to go in El Poblado

There’s more to this neighborhood than meets the eye. The exciting nightlife of Zona Rosa is definitely a big part of the top activities, but you won’t be bored during the day either.

  • Enjoy some shopping fun and picturesque beauty of the area
  • Explore the art and gorgeous churches in the neighborhood

Best for shoppers and outdoor lovers: Golden Mile

Take a stroll along the tree-lined Golden Mile and then enjoy some shopping fun at Santafe Shopping Mall, El Tesoro Commercial Park, Oviedo Shopping Mall, and Viscaya Shopping Mall. You can also relax at Linear Park President, The Dancer’s Park, and Lleras Park, visit Laguna de Guatape to climb the rock for some incredible views or explore the gardens and period rooms at El Castillo Museo y Jardines.

Image Source: b_xhi 

Best for art and history lovers: Jose Amar Gallery

Art enthusiasts should check out Jose Amar Gallery, Lokkus Contemporary Art, and Pictopia Graffiti street art. Visit Parroquia Santa Maria de Los Dolores church and the founding place of Medellin at Saint Joseph of El Poblado Church for some historical insight into the place.

Image Source: guiltygoose

Where to stay in El Poblado

In El Poblado, gorgeous apartments go for around $40 per night on average. These are our top picks:

This lovely budget studio








This mid-range loft with a stunning view








This amazing lux apartment close to nature

Elegant hotel with modern rooms & suites, plus a casino, a spa & an outdoor pool.






Where to stay in Medellin, Colombia for bohemian fun: Belén

Belén holds the title of the coolest neighborhood in Medellin. This is the spot to stay if you prefer former working-class neighborhoods with industrial roots. Belén also makes it very easy to mingle with the locals. The atmosphere of this neighborhood is soulful and artsy, perfect for more alternative and boho tourists. Transportation in the area is great so that you can easily reach all the major hotspots. This is Medellin’s oldest and largest neighborhood that doesn’t lack nightlife fun either.

Image Source:

Where to go in Belén

As the coolest Medellin neighborhood with plenty of soul, Belén has a lot to offer to its visitors.

  • Explore the museums, churches, and nature
  • Enjoy the shopping, food, and party time

Best for nature and history lovers: Pueblito Paisa

Go to the Pueblito Paisa hill and check out the museum, church, and small restaurants. Then you can climb Medellin’s guardian hill Cerro Nutibara for some amazing views and unique sculpture park.

Image Source: sashacohennyc 

Best for relaxation and partying: Calle 33

Engage in a wide range of leisure and fitness activities at Unidad Deportiva de Belén. Check out charming pastelerias for a quick bite or shop, dine, and watch movies at the Los Molinos shopping center. Once it’s dark, visit Calle 33 for a fun and eclectic night out.

Image Source: __posso

Where to stay in Belén

At the average price of $30 per night, you can book some really modern and comfortable apartments in Belén. Check out our favorites:

This budget option with peace in mind









This lovely mid-range condominium








This gorgeous and luxurious loft – Hotel Park 10







Where to stay in Medellin long-term: Envigado

Envigado used to be a separate city but now belongs to Medellin, which means that the area has all the comfort and amenities you would need for a long-term stay. This is a rather safe city area with a suburban lifestyle, which is also why Envigado has the perfect setting for tourists who travel with their families. The rural vibe offers plenty of outdoor activities while it’s still easy to get to the major Medellin sightseeing hotspots.

Image Source: jsebas.saldarriaga

Where to go in Envigado

Envigado caters to all ages. This peaceful area has something fun to offer to both kids and adults.

  • Explore amazing Envigado parks, natural beauties, and historical treasures
  • Have fun shopping, tasting food, and partying

Best for nature and history lovers: Parque Salado

Check out colonial Envigado Church and saint shrines. Then head to the beautiful Parque Salado to explore the nature, hike, and watch the birds. You can also go to La Romera for some hiking fun or make your kids happy by taking them to Parque Recreativo.

Image Source: lostinlinderland 

Best for foodies, shoppers, and party people: La Bota del Dia

Enjoy some shopping fun at City Plaza shopping center. Visit La Tienda to eat, drink, and dance your night away and have fun at La Bota del Dia bars and clubs. 

Image Source: saludablesbatidos

Where to stay in Envigado

Envigado is also quite affordable when it comes to getting accommodation, with an average price per night at about $25. These are our top favorites:


This modern budget option – Ivy Hostel








This beautiful mid-range apartment








This lovely lux apartment