Where to Stay in Patagonia

Where to stay in Patagonia — an explorer’s heaven

Choosing where to stay in Patagonia depends on your budget, vibe, and interests. Patagonia is a region of South America shared by Chile and Argentina. Around 10% of the region falls under the jurisdiction of Chile, and the remaining 90% belong to Argentina. Patagonia is a huge area that isn’t densely populated, and it has some of the most diverse and incredible fauna and flora. Thanks to these factors, Patagonia has been able to preserve its natural beauty and keep it pristine and unspoiled. Over the years, Patagonia has become somewhat of a paradise for adventurers and explorers who seek excitement and thrills.

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Best places to explore in Patagonia, Chile

In the Chilean part of Patagonia, there are five regions: Aysén, Araucanía, Los Lagos Region, Los Ríos Region, and Magallanes. Each of these regions is further subdivided into administrative areas, towns, cities, municipalities, etc.

About the regions
Aysén This region is home to a number of glaciers, lakes, fjords, rainforests, and icefields. Aysén is one of the least populated regions in Patagonia, ideal for people who like to explore nature and dislike large gatherings and crowds.
Araucanía The homeland of the indigenous Mapuche people, it is filled with many national parks and national reserves. There is also a large number of unspoiled forests. In Araucanía, you can find the largest city of Patagonia—Temuco.
Los Lagos Region Bordered by Los Ríos Region and Aysén, to the north and south respectively, and by the Pacific on the west and Argentina on the east, Los Lagos Region is home to the wild environment and several protected areas. The protected areas include nine parks and two national monuments.
Los Ríos Region Los Ríos Region is divided into two provinces: Valdivia and Ranco Province. Its economy relies mostly on tourism, manufacturing, and forestry. 
Magallanes Magallanes is the largest and southernmost of all the regions. Some of the more prominent and well-known landscapes and attractions include Cape Horn, Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, and Torres del Paine. A large portion of the land is uninhabitable. The majority of the population that lives in this region is situated in the capital, Punta Arenas.

How to get around Patagonia

The best way to see and explore Patagonia and all it has to offer is by car. By renting a car, you have the liberty and independence to travel across Patagonia at your own pace. On a side note, there are some areas where there aren’t that many gas stations, so you should keep that in mind when traveling.

Where to stay in Patagonia for the first time—Magallanes

Patagonia as a whole is ideal for travelers who love the great outdoors and who enjoy exploring nature. However, a starting point is necessary, and our pick is Magallanes. This region can offer something to everybody.

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Things to see and do in Magallanes

These are some of our suggestions for places to visit during your stay in Magallanes.

  • Visit The Penguins Natural Monument
  • Learn at museum Nao Victoria
  • Explore Pali-Aike National Park

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument

This monument is a popular tourist destination that is typically open to people from October to March. It is home to the Magellanic penguin, as well as other species such as sea lions, dolphin gulls, common gulls, imperial shags, and South American fur seals. It’s open from 2 pm to 7 pm.

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Museo Nao Victoria

The museum is primarily dedicated to Ferdinand Magellan and Nao Victoria (or simply, Victoria)— the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the globe. Located in Punta Arenas, the capital of the Magallanes region, it offers its visitors a great history lesson and an opportunity to explore the replica of the ship. You can also find replicas of tools used during that time, as well as documentation and books.

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Pali-Aike National Park

The landscapes of this park include volcanoes, forests, and caves. It is full of different kinds of plants and animals, some of which are native only to this region. According to the local people, this is where the devil resides. 

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Where to stay in Patagonia for explorers—Aysén

Aysén is an explorer’s paradise. This region is gaining popularity among explorers because of its alluring and breathtaking natural beauty. Here, you can see the magical Marble Caves, the San Rafael Glacier, the Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Cerro Castillo, and so much more.

Things to see and do in Aysén

Here are some suggestions for places to explore.

  • Visit Queulat National Park
  • Explore the blue and beautiful Marble Caves
  • Visit Cerro Castillo

Queulat National Park

In this stunning park, you can witness the amazing hanging glacier under which a waterfall trickles down. You can also walk through the park and see its impressive animals and plants.

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Marble Caves

Kind of mystical and magical with its blue crystals and waters, the Marble Caves truly are a wonder of nature. This awe-inspiring sight is most definitely worth visiting.

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Cerro Castillo

Find a guide and explore the wildlife this mountain has to offer. There is also the option to set up a tent here and camp. 

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Where to stay in Patagonia long term—Araucanía

Araucanía is our pick for a place to stay for a longer period of time. Its largest and most populous city is Temuco. Some other large cities worth visiting are Angol and Villarrica. We picked this region because it offers expats the opportunity to work and find a job. There is also a large number of immigrants from all over the world.

Things to see and do in Araucanía

Here are some ideas for things to do during your stay in Araucanía.

  • Relax at Caburgua Lake
  • Dine at A la Olla 
  • Shop at Vivo Outlet Mall

Caburgua Lake

Have a fun and relaxing day at Caburgua Lake. The sights and views are a feast for the eyes. 

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A la Olla restaurant

Dine at this restaurant with a gorgeous setting, and you’ll enjoy every single bite.

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Vivo Outlet Mall

If you’re a bit of a shopaholic, you’ll love Vivo Outlet—a shopping center that has all the trendy shops, along with a food court and a cinema. 

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Where to stay in Bocas del Toro

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro, a fascinating Panamanian group of islands

Wonderful nature, fascinating coral reefs, and gorgeous beaches—Bocas del Toro has it all. This idyllic island has become Panama’s hotspot, and for a good reason. The area has plenty of entertainment and relaxation options to offer and it is still relatively affordable. With its interesting cuisine, secluded beaches, and friendly vibe, we’re sure Bocas del Toro will win your heart. 

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5 best neighborhoods to stay in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a wonderful province and whichever area you choose, you won’t regret it. It all comes down to your own preferences and needs. Bocas del Toro has both urban, lively places and peaceful, noiseless areas. To help you pick the best destination, we have selected our favorite places:

  1. Bocas Town
  2. Isla Colon
  3. Isla Carenero
  4. Big Creek
  5. The western part of Bocas Town

Our picks were based on these criteria:

  1. Natural beauty and beaches
  2. Fun things to see and do
  3. Cost of staying
  4. Location
  5. Safety
Where to stay in Bocas del Toro
Best for nightlife Bocas Town The epicenter of bars, clubs, and restaurants on the islands
Best for your first visit Isla Colon The biggest island in the province with a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options
Best for bohemian souls Isla Carenero A peaceful surfers’ paradise with outstanding nature
Best on a budget Big Creek An affordable area close to the town
Best for a long-term stay The western part of Bocas Town A neighborhood in the town, less noisy than the eastern part

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Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for nightlife: Bocas Town

Bocas Town is the biggest town on Isla Colon and the major urban center of Bocas del Toro Province. Unlike other parts of the island, Bocas Town doesn’t have beautiful beaches and magnificent nature. Still, it is the most vibrant part of the island. This tiny town is where you will find most bars, pubs, and beach restaurants. Its nightlife is fantastic and you can attend parties that you’ll remember for years to come. 

Where to spend your evenings in Bocas Town

Bocas Town has a lot of nightlife options to offer so you will easily find places that suit your own needs. From live gigs and lively dancefloors to casual bars and pubs, whatever your inner party animal craves, the town will provide it for you. If you want to have a great time in Bocas Town, make sure to visit these places:

  • Bocas Bookstore Bar
  • Bocas Pub Cruise
  • Bom Bom Beach Bar
  • Summer Beach Club

Summer Beach Club

If you’re looking for a wild beach party with lots of people, delicious cocktails, and amazing DJs, Summer Beach Club is a place you shouldn’t miss. The atmosphere is incredible and the dancefloor is crowded at all times. The music is mostly what you can hear on current top charts but you may also discover some local hits. The club is open until 3 am so you don’t need to worry about the party ending early. 

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Where to stay in Bocas Town

Bocas Town has hundreds of hotels, hostels, and AirBnBs to offer. On average, one night will cost you around $60. Check out our favorite places:

Budget option: this whole home in the center

Midrange option: a private room in this tropical B&B.

Luxurious option: this wonderful room in a cozy guesthouse

Browse for more options here

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for the first time — Isla Colon

Isla Colon is the main island in the Bocas del Toro Province. It is home to many wonderful beaches, cute little neighborhoods, and fantastic scenery. The island has plenty of beach activities to offer and is one of the favorite surfers’ destinations. Since it is rather small, you can move around the island easily and see all the best places on your first visit. 

What to see and do on Isla Colon

Isla Colon is full of fantastic tourist destinations. On this amazing island, you can explore stunning beaches, enjoy its natural wonders, and experiment with the local cuisine. Whatever your heart desires, you will find it on Isla Colon. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas of what you could see and do:

  • Boca del Drago
  • Playa Bluff
  • Reserva natural
  • Istmito Beach
  • Bocas Town

Playa Bluff

Playa Bluff is a gorgeous, eight kilometers long beach that looks like a place you could see on a postcard. This beach paradise is known for its golden sand and coconut trees. The beach is not overcrowded and there are only a couple of bars and restaurants. If you want to try out your surfing skills or get away from the noisy tourist crowds, Playa Bluff may be an ideal place for you. 

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Where to stay on Isla Colon

Prices vary from village to village and you can choose between high-end and more affordable places. Check out our top picks:

Budget option: this lovely house near Boca del Drago

Midrange option: this fantastic house near Bluff Beach

Luxurious option: this wonderful villa on Boca del Drago beach.

You don’t like these places? Check out other options here.  

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro for bohemian souls: Isla Carenero

Isla Carenero is a small island near Isla Colon with outstanding historical significance. It is where Christopher Colombus and his crew spent a couple of months during their 1502 trip to the New World. The island is gorgeous: nature is pristine, the beaches, picturesque, and waves ideal for both the beginner and expert surfers. As the island is a bit off the beaten path, you will enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay. What makes things even better is that it won’t take you more than two minutes in the water taxi to get to Bocas Town. 

What to do on Isla Carenero

Although the island is known for its laid back lifestyle, there are plenty of interesting things to do. Its greatest strong points are surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. There are also several amazing restaurants specializing in seafood. In case you’re wondering where to go first, check out these places and activities:

  • Bibi’s On the Beach
  • Leaf Eaters Cafe
  • Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club
  • Escuela del Mar Surf School

Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club

Bocas Stand Up Paddle Club is Isla Carenero’s main attraction and is absolutely amazing! During these water tours, you will get to explore hidden beaches, coral reefs, and all the beauty of the Panamanian Carribean. This adventure is both exciting and eco-friendly, so it’s something no nature lover should miss. 

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Where to stay on Isla Carenero

Isla Carenero is full of wonderful accommodation options and one night costs around $100 on average. Check out our top picks:

Budget option: a suite in this colorful hotel.

Midrange option: a comfy room in a beach house.  

Luxurious option: this amazing house on the beach

You can browse for more options here

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro on a budget: Big Creek

Big Creek is a southern area on Isla Colon, connected to Bocas Town by Istmito Beach. This area is perfect for staying as it is peaceful but close to the town. Big Creek has several large resorts but most of the accommodation options are affordable family-owned hostels and AirBnBs. 

What to do in Big Creek

Although Bocas Town is where you will find the most interesting activities, Big Creek has some interesting locations to offer. Check out our favorite spots:

  • Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Bocas del Toro Research Station
  • Istmito Beach

Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden

If you love animals or flowers, Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden should be one of your first stops. The garden is home to adorable sloths and playful howler monkeys. You will also see wonderful flowers of all shapes and sizes. 

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Where to stay in Big Creek

In Big Creek, you will easily find accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Check out our favorite places: 

Budget option: this private room in a guesthouse.

Midrange option: this eco-friendly bungalow.

Luxurious option: this fantastic villa.

You can browse for more AirBnBs here

Where to Stay in Oaxaca

Where to Stay in Oaxaca, Mexico – a city of fine cuisine and unusual festivities

Millions of tourists visit Mexico each year for its pristine beaches, crystal clear sea, culture, and history. While most of these visits are to its capital, Mexico City, or to summer resorts such as Cancun, or Cabo, this is far from what this splendid country has to offer. One of the lesser-known areas of Mexico, located in the southern part of the country is the state of Oaxaca (wah-hah-kah). 

This state is distinguished by its indigenous culture, unique and lively crafts and arts, traditional celebrations, and folklore, but most of all, by superb local cuisine and natural wonders. Its perfect location between Sierra Madre mountains and beaches provides some of the most astonishing landscapes and scenery for both locals and travelers to admire. 

Conscious of their colonial and cultural treasures, the government has been promoting eco-tourism with an aim to conserve their centuries-old legacy.

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Five Best neighborhoods to stay in Oaxaca

The central place of this state occupies its capital, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca de Juárez or simply Oaxaca. This colonial city has developed into a cultural and historical hub of the area. As one of the rare cities in the world to contain examples of all the historical periods of their country such as pre-Hispanic, colonial, independent, and modern, the city along with the archeological location of Monte Albán has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. 

Thanks to its authenticity and avoiding mass tourism, Oaxaca is slowly becoming a favorite destination for locals and ex-pats searching for tranquility and abundance of activities and landmarks. 

Despite being a relatively small city, Oaxaca is divided into many neighborhoods which are at a walking distance from each other while some of them even merge at some point. Each district is unique in content and activities. 

But some of these neighborhoods are better than others. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the best area to stay in during your visit to this marvelous city. We have gathered some of the best areas for you and here is what we suggest:

  1. Centro
  2. Santo Domingo 
  3. El Llano 
  4. Jalatlaco
  5. La Noria

These are the top 5 neighborhoods to stay in Oaxaca and to help you even more with finding accommodation and securing a pleasurable stay in this city, here are the features of each neighborhood and for which activities they are ideal: 


Ideal for: 




Center of all landmarks and activities of the area

Santo Domingo


Energetic nightlife, restaurants, tavernas, and bars

El Llano

On a budget

Backpacker experience


Bohemians and ex-pats

The coolest place with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere

La Noria

Long-term stay and families

Local experience, peaceful but with many attractions

Where to stay in Oaxaca for the first time – Centro

In most of the cities around the world, the majority of attractions are usually located in its central area, and Oaxaca isn’t any different. Centro, or Center, is the very heart of the city. As such, it is the most congested neighborhood in Oaxaca. Not only does it have many cultural and historical landmarks, but it also provides numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options. 

In addition, it is well connected with surrounding neighborhoods which you can explore even on foot, as well as with other cities in the state. As a result, it is the ideal place for the first visit to this colorful city since its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets are truly something special and unique.  Image source: tomomiyoshim

Things to see and do in Centro

As the central neighborhood of Oaxaca, there is plenty to see and do here. Inquire about the incredibly rich culture and history of this area, participate in some of the craft workshops, and make unique and memorable souvenirs to remind you of Oaxaca. 

Here are our recommendations: 

  • Monte Alban 
  • Museo de Los Pintores Oaxaqueños
  • MACO
  • Casa de la Ciudad
  • Zocalo

Monte Alban 

Take a short walk to the nearby Santa Cruz municipality and take a tour around one of the largest pre-Columbian archeological sites declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. 

Image source: indsay_caron

Museo de Los Pintores Oaxaqueños

If you are an art lover, then you will know to appreciate and admire the collection of contemporary art presented in this museum.

Image source: arianereine


Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca or MACO is another place worth visiting and acquainting yourself with some of the exquisite art pieces of some of the most renowned Oaxacan artists. 

Image source: jose_keyblade

Casa de la Ciudad 

A place where most activities in Oaxaca take place, this community center seems like a great place not only to admire the exhibited pieces but also to engage in some interesting and creative workshops. 

Image source: worldbikeforum


Zocolo is the main town square where both international and domestic travelers like to gather especially during the night as it serves as the meeting point. 

Image source: majo_sal

Where to stay in Centro

Since this neighborhood is the hub of Oaxaca, it is tourist-friendly in the sense that it offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every taste. Despite being the heart and soul of the city, in comparison to other travel destinations, it is quite affordable. The average price in Airbnbs is $41 per night. Our top picks are:

Affordable option – This private room with an incredible view

Moderate option – This apartment in the historical part of the town

Luxury option – This green loft in the city center of Oaxaca

Find more Airbnbs in Centro here

Where to stay in Oaxaca for nightlife – Santo Domingo

North of the city center within walking distance, Santo Domingo is located. This peculiar and vivid neighborhood is most famous for its energetic and vibrant nightlife. With so many restaurants, tavernas, and bars, it is the favorite area not only for parties but also for trying out some of the most delicious local dishes and drinks such as diverse moles, which is a type of a sauce, chapulines, spicy fried grasshoppers, or tasting the local drink, mezcal, and many more. 

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Things to see and do in Santo Domingo

This neighborhood has an interesting combination of clubs and bars, colorful colonial architecture, and historical heritage. Check out our must-see places in Santo Domingo:

  • Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán
  • La Mezcaloteca
  • El Cortijo Mezcaleria
  • Oaxaca Brewing Company
  • Los Danzantes

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

This temple with impressive architecture and art is the most iconic landmark of this neighborhood. 

Image source:

La Mezcaloteca

As a part of the local experience, you should visit La Mezcaloteca and learn everything about the local drink mezcal. Don’t worry, tasting is included!

Image source: renebeckhansen

El Cortijo Mezcaleria

This is a great place to stop by and try different blends of mezcal. Polite and kind staff will assist you in buying the most suitable blend for you. 

Image source: jony137b

Oaxaca Brewing Company

Oaxaca is famous in this area of Mexico for many distilleries and small brewing companies. Stop by this one and try some of the unique craft beers. 

Image source: oaxacabrewingco

Los Danzantes

Los Danzantes is the perfect restaurant to try some of the rich and delicious Oaxacan food. If you decide to visit this place, make reservations in advance as it is quite a popular place. 

Image source: danzantesoaxaca

Image source: louise_rothschild

Where to stay in Santo Domingo 

This area tends to become quite busy especially during the night so make sure to seek accommodation in some quieter parts of the street if you decide on this neighborhood as your base. The average nightly price in Airbnbs is $39. We recommend:

Affordable optionThis nice house in a quiet area

Moderate optionThis room in a hostel 

Luxury optionThis small but luxurious house 

For more Airbnbs in Santo Domingo click here.

Where to stay in Panama City

Where to stay in Panama City — Live like a local in the coolest neighborhoods in Panama

Founded in 1519, Panama City is the capital of Panama. Thanks to its long history, it has a number of historical and culturally significant landmarks, and even a whole district dedicated to those landmarks. One of the things most often associated with Panama is, of course, the Panama Canal. Thanks to its construction, Panama and Panama City were effectively put on the map and the Canal helped grow the economy, as well as help the city grow into the modern metropolis that it is today.

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5 best neighborhoods to stay in Panama City

Thanks to the blend of old and new, traditional and modern, Panama City can cater to anybody’s taste. The city is divided into a number of corregimientos which is a Spanish term for district subdivisions. Below we will present you with our top 5 picks for the best neighborhoods in Panama City.

  1. San Francisco
  2. El Cangrejo
  3. Costa Del Este
  4. Obarrio
  5. Casco Viejo


San Francisco Great for first-time visitors who wish to explore the charm of Panama. Some of the more prominent landmarks include Atlapa Convention Centre and Parque Omar. Overall, this neighborhood provides a great mix of opportunities for relaxing and having fun.
El Cangrejo El Cangrejo is known for its exotic and fun nightlife. There are a number of great bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants in this area. Perfect for those who like to party and dance the night away.
Costa Del Este Costa Del Este is more of a luxurious neighborhood with high-end shops, fancy restaurants, and pricier accommodation. However, it is not as touristy as some other areas, thus it is more quiet and calm. 
Obarrio Obarrio is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Panama City, which is great news for travelers on a budget. There are still plenty of things to do and places to see.
Casco Viejo Casco Viejo offers its visitors a blend of hip, traditional, modern, and historical. An excellent neighborhood for those who want to learn more about Panama City through its art, history, and culture.

Transportation in Panama City

Buses: an easy and affordable way of moving around the city. The majority of people in Panama commute by bus because it is cheap and they run often.

Taxis: are present throughout the entire city. They are yellow and don’t have any meters. You should keep this in mind when taking a taxi. Make sure to negotiate the fare with the driver before heading to your destination. On average, in Panama City, taxi fares are around 3 US dollars.

Where to stay in Panama City for the first time— San Francisco

A bustling and lively neighborhood with an abundance of options for entertainment, fun, and exploration of Panama City. An excellent place to come to if you are visiting Panama for the first time.

Things to see and do in San Francisco

These are some of our suggestions for activities and places to visit:

  • Atlapa Convention Centre
  • 5inco Cocina Urbana
  • Parque Omar

Atlapa Convention Centre

A convention center that has been opened for several decades. Frequently they host all kinds of events, concerts, sporting events, and other interesting and fun events.

Image source: iamyohany

5inco Cocina Urbana

A restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines, ideal for foodies.

Image source: 5incopanama

Parque Omar

An oasis in the middle of the busy and loud city. The park has trails for walking, exercising equipment, and playgrounds. A great place to rest and relax, and see some great murals.

Image source: run_mela_run

Where to stay in San Francisco

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: an apartment close to markets, shops, and restaurants.

Mid-range: a modern apartment close to Parque Omar.

Luxury: a large and spacious apartment with a view of the city.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Panama City for nightlife — El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo is one of the trendiest and most vibrant areas in all of Panama City. This neighborhood has everything, from low-key and chill coffee shops to colorful and exhilarating bars, clubs, and pubs. 

Things to see and do in El Cangrejo

Here are some of our recommendations for places to visit while in El Cangrejo. These places were selected based on the atmosphere and location.

Here are some of our picks:

  • Istmo Brew Pub
  • La Rana Dorada
  • El Chante Panama

Istmo Brew Pub

Head to this pub for a relaxing night out. Enjoy various types of beer and other alcoholic beverages. They also have a pool table so you can play a game with friends, or maybe have fun with the locals.

Image source: gpetersond

La Rana Dorada

This bar offers delicious food and great drinks along with a lively atmosphere.

Image source:  hreaper

El Chante Panama

This bar has a real local feel to it. Spend the night out drinking and having fun with the locals in an inviting and fun atmosphere.

Image source: pbeventspty

Where to stay in El Cangrejo

There are a number of affordable apartments for renting, with the average price per night being around $60. Most of them are concentrated in the heart of the area, in the vicinity of a lot of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

Affordable: a 1-bed, 1-bath apartment close to transportation and all the tourist attractions.

Mid-range: a fully furnished apartment in an excellent location.

Luxury: a lavish and luxurious apartment.

If you are interested in other options make sure to check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Panama City long term — Costa Del Este

Over the last several years, Costa Del Este has become one of the favorite places among international expats. This area also has a large number of corporations. When it comes to buying property here it is a bit more expensive, however, renting a place offers a great deal for a decent sum of money. Thanks to the fact that this area is so well planned, you are able to get everywhere very easily. Costa Del Este is also close to Tocumen International Airport, which is a great bonus. In this area, you are also close to shops, malls, parks, entertainment, restaurants, and so on. 

Things to see and do in Costa Del Este

  • Go for a walk through Parque Costa del Este
  • Shop at Multiplaza Panamá
  • Dine at Noi Restaurante

Parque Costa del Este

Take a break in this oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Take in the beautiful scenery and unwind after a long day.

Image source: comoyoveoapanama

Multiplaza Panamá

From high-end to low-end shops, Multiplaza Panamá has something for everybody’s taste and wallet. It also has a variety of restaurants and well-known fast-food chains.

Image source: otto.alvarez.b

Noi Restaurante

This trendy restaurant serves dishes from a wide variety of cuisines, namely Argentine, Italian, and the Mediterranean. You can also find vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options.

Image source: restaurantenoi

Where to stay in Costa Del Este

Due to the increasing popularity of this area, it is getting slightly harder to find a place to stay, especially for a longer period of time. Depending on the time of the year, and the demand, the prices may go up or down. Obviously, living in the center is the most expensive option, and you are more likely to find more value for your money if you decide to move away from the center. 

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: a spacious apartment in a great location.

Mid-range: a modern apartment with a view of the ocean.

Luxurious: this apartment is just 15 minutes away from the airport.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Santiago

Where to stay in Santiago, Chile — Best areas for food, fun, and more

Serving as the capital, as well as the cultural, political, and economic center of Chile, Santiago is the largest and most densely populated city in all of the country. Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America, and it is a country that keeps demonstrating development and economic growth. Placed between the mountains and the ocean, Chile, and Santiago, have more than enough natural sites to show to the ever-increasing number of tourists.

Image source: nelinhasixx

5 best neighborhoods to stay in Santiago

Santiago is an interesting blend of traditional and contemporary, thanks to which it can offer a wide variety of people a lot of different and exciting things to do and see. On the one hand, it is surrounded by a mountainous terrain which is great for outdoor-loving and adventure-seeking people. On the other hand, it has a large number of restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, museums, and so on, for those more relaxed, and chill tourists.

Here are our picks for the 5 best neighborhoods:

  1. Centro
  2. Bellavista
  3. Providencia
  4. Barrio Buenavista
  5. Barrio Brasil
Centro An excellent starting point for first-time visitors.
Bellavista Although it is a small area, it is considered to be the cultural heart of Santiago.
Providencia A great neighborhood for people who want to stay in Santiago for an extended period of time.
Barrio Buenavista A great neighborhood for those who want to party and have fun.
Barrio Brasil For travelers on a budget.

Getting around Santiago

Santiago has a great public transportation system which enables you to get around town pretty easily. Head to any subway station and get a bip! card that you can recharge and use for more than one person; you just have to scan it twice when entering the subway or bus.

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Where to stay in Santiago for the first time — Centro

Out of all the areas in Santiago, Centro is the most tourist-oriented. If you are thinking of visiting Chile and Santiago but you are unsure of where to start — then this neighborhood might be the best option for you. There are a number of shops, markets, tourist attractions, and historic landmarks — something for everybody’s taste.

Things to see and do in Centro

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Eat at the Central Market
  • Visit the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Stroll through the Parque Forestal

Central Market

Located in the heart of Santiago, this market offers some of the best dishes from the famous Chilean cuisine. This market sells predominantly seafood, however, you can also find fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other knick-knacks. 

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Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts

This grand building houses some of the finest works of art from Chilean culture and history, as well as some pieces of art from Italy, Spain, and Africa.

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Parque Forestal

Located just across from the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, this is one of the most popular spots among tourists for unwinding and relaxing. Here you can see families spending time together, having a picnic, kids playing, young people hanging out; occasionally there will also be a street musician playing some music. All in all, a relaxing way to spend a day. 

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Where to stay in Centro

Santiago has a plethora of options when it comes to accommodation. You can find apartments that are in the heart of the city or slightly away from the center, depending on your preferences. The average price per night is around $55. 

Here are some of our picks:

Affordable: this apartment is close to the metro, shops, and tourist attractions.







Mid-range: a sunny and spacious apartment close to everything you need.








Luxury: a modern apartment with an excellent view in the heart of Santiago.







Where to stay in Santiago — bohemian edition — Bellavista

Bellavista is more of a bohemian and artistic area than other, more tourist-oriented neighborhoods in Santiago. You can recognize it thanks to its colorful and dynamic murals, bright and vibrant houses and buildings. This is the area where you will find a lot of young and artistic people.

Things to see and do in Bellavista

Here are some suggestions for places to visit in Bellavista:

  • Bellavista street art
  • Visit the house of national poet Pablo Neruda
  • Shop at Pio Nono

Bellavista street art

A perfect spot for art and street art lovers. Gaze at the interesting and captivating murals painted by professional artists and up-and-coming artists.

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House of Pablo Neruda

Visit the house of national poet and icon Pablo Neruda. No prior reservations are required, visitations work on the principle of first-come, first-served.

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Pio Nono

Pio Nono is lined with cafes, shops, and restaurants. There is also a market that sells lots of handcrafted items, so make sure to check it out.

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Where to stay in Bellavista

If you decide to stay in Bellavista you don’t have to worry about finding a place, since there is a decent selection to choose from. Also, Bellavista is quite affordable when it comes to accommodation. The average price per night is $39.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: Pariwana Hostel Santiago







Mid-range: a cozy apartment furnished with everything you need.








Luxury: a lavish big apartment – Hotel Boutique Castillo Rojo

Vintage-chic quarters in a circa-1923 house-turned-stylish hotel with dining & a wine bar.






Where to stay in Santiago long term — Providencia

As the financial center of Santiago, Providencia is incredibly significant when it comes to commerce. This is also largely a residential area so there aren’t that many tourist attractions. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to do or places to visit. If you decide to move here you will get the opportunity to experience Santiago in a more authentic and local way.

Things to see and do in Providencia

Although Providencia isn’t full of tourist attractions there are still plenty of things to do. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Shop at Mall Costanera Center
  • Drink at Bar Liguria
  • Visit the Festival de Jazz de Providencia

Mall Costanera Center

Shop at this 6-floor shopping mall that also offers a great panoramic view of the city.

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Bar Liguria

Head out for some drinks and dinner at this charming bar.

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Festival de Jazz de Providencia

This festival is typically organized during the summer. Visit this festival and have fun with locals and international visitors.

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Where to stay in Providencia

Despite being the financial center and residential area for many middle-class families, Providencia can still offer some affordable accommodation options.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: Ají Hostel – Simple dorms & private rooms in a bright, informal hostel offering complimentary breakfast & Wi-Fi.







Mid-range: this apartment is in a great location for walking around and exploring the city.








Luxury: Hotel Boutique Le Reve Hotel

Sophisticated rooms in an upmarket hotel offering a bar & a courtyard garden, plus free breakfast.


Where to stay in Mexico

Where to stay in Mexico – A diverse and rich country

Mexico, or to be more precise Pre-Colombian Mexico, is considered to be one of the cradles of civilization. It was the home to the Aztecs, Mayans, and Olmec, among several others. During the beginning of the 16th century, Mexico was conquered and colonized by the Spanish Empire which left a huge mark on Mexican history and culture, which is still visible to this day. Following the war for independence, Mexico went through some struggles due to the political and economic situation in the country. 

Nowadays, Mexico is working towards rebranding itself as a modern and stable country. The tourism sector for Mexico has been flourishing for the past few years; many tourists view it as an exotic and exciting place to visit.

5 best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico

The focus of this text will mainly be on Mexico City and its neighborhoods. With that in mind, these are our picks for the best neighborhoods to stay in while in Mexico:

  1. Centro Histórico 
  2. San Ángel 
  3. Colonia Roma 
  4. Zona Rosa 
  5. Colonia Santa María la Ribera
Neighborhoods in Mexico City
Centro Histórico The historical center of Mexico City. Full of significant and stunning landmarks and sights, this neighborhood is ideal for first-time visitors.
San Ángel A charming neighborhood with a traditional feel to it. Our pick for long-term visitors.
Colonia Roma This neighborhood is home to a large number of art galleries, museums, libraries, cinema, and theater. Essentially, Colonia Roma is one of the neighborhoods to visit if you are interested in the art scene and culture.
Zona Rosa Meaning Pink Zone in English, this area is famous for entertainment, nightlife, shopping, and being the home to the gay community. It has faced some issues due to questionable and illegal activities, however, it is still one of the best-known areas for the gay community and nightlife in Mexico City.
Colonia Santa María la Ribera Once a neighborhood for the most affluent and richest people in Mexico, nowadays it has a mixture of different classes. It has a few landmarks, but the best thing about this neighborhood is that it is close to other areas. It’s great for travelers who are on a budget and want to find affordable accommodation.

Things to know before traveling to Mexico


The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican pesos and in order to make your life easier, especially if you are traveling with cash, you should exchange your currency for the local one. You can exchange your currency at exchange offices at the airport, banks, and ATMs. If you are exchanging your money at the airport or a bank you might be asked to provide your passport. Also, some banks won’t exchange your money unless you have an account with them, so keep that in mind.


The easiest and most affordable way to get around the city by far is the metro. The ticket price is around 5 pesos, which is about 25 cents. There is also the option of buying a smart card which grants you multiple rides, depending on how much money you put on it.


Sadly, women in Mexico are often the target of violence and harassment, and although the government has been trying to fight that, there is still an alarming number of assaults. A word of advice for all female travelers, especially those who travel on their own, is to keep your eyes open constantly and to watch out for any trouble.

Where to stay in Mexico for the first time – Centro Histórico

A World Heritage Site, Centro Histórico once served as the center for the Aztec Empire, and now as the center of Mexico City. One of the most tourist-friendly and tourist-oriented areas, this impressive city center is home to a large number of historical landmarks and sights.

Things to see and do in Centro Histórico

Here are some suggestions for places to visit:

  • Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Palacio de Bellas Artes
  • Dulcería Celaya

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

An imposing and instantly recognizable landmark in Mexico City, full of lavish and stunning decorations. This cathedral is worth visiting simply because of its impressiveness and beauty.

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Palacio de Bellas Artes

A cultural center that blends multiple styles seamlessly. This building hosts some of the most notable events in dance, music, and theater. There are also some really beautiful murals painted on the walls.

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Dulcería Celaya

While you are in the city center make sure to stop by this sweet shop and enjoy some of those delicious Mexican sweets.

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Where to stay in Mexico long term – San Ángel

A picturesque and charming neighborhood with cobblestone streets and gorgeous architecture all around. This neighborhood has a more mellow vibe and it seems more authentic than some other areas. It has some really pleasant and cozy restaurants and shops, as well as a flower market, and a museum dedicated to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Things to see and do in San Ángel

Here are some of our suggestions for things to do during your stay here:

  • Bazar Sabado
  • Flower Market
  • Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

Bazar Sabado

A bazaar organized on Saturdays which features a lot of interesting goodies made by the locals.

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Flower Market

A flower market which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and it sells absolutely beautiful flowers.

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Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

This was once a studio where Diego Rivera lived and worked with Frida Kahlo. The museum is dedicated to their work, as well as preserving the place where they lived. There are two buildings, one belonged to Diego, and the other to Frida. The buildings are connected by a bridge.

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Where to stay in Mexico – art and culture edition – Colonia Roma

The streets of this neighborhood are lined with galleries, museums, libraries, cinemas, and theater. An ideal spot for lovers of culture, art, and literature.

Things to see and do in Colonia Roma

Here are some suggestions for places to visit while in Colonia Roma:

  • Casa Lamm
  • Galería OMR
  • El Pendulo

Casa Lamm

This was once a house that was repurposed as a cultural center in the mid-1990s. This cultural center frequently hosts art exhibitions, and you can also find a restaurant and a bookstore on the ground level.

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Galería OMR

An art gallery that exhibits contemporary art.

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El Pendulo

El Pendulo is a combination of a café and a bookstore, a great place for just sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea whilst reading a book.

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Where to stay in Rio De Janeiro

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro – The city of carnivals

Nicknamed the Marvellous City, Rio is the second-largest city in Brazil. Over the years, Rio de Janeiro gained a reputation among travelers and tourists, and as a result, it became one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in the world. It became such a popular tourist destination, in large part, thanks to the iconic statue of Christ – also known as Christ the Redeemer, the famous Carnival, the splendid beaches, and of course, football.

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5 best neighborhoods to stay in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is divided into four zones – North, South, West, and Central. The West Zone covers the most ground, around 50%, while the Central Zone is the smallest. Each of these zones is further subdivided into neighborhoods.  

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Green represents the West Zone, blue the North Zone, red the Central Zone, and yellow the South Zone. 

These are our top 5 picks:

  1. Centro
  2. Lapa
  3. Flamengo
  4. Santa Teresa
  5. Copacabana


Centro  Despite being the financial heart of Rio, there are still plenty of things to see and do for those travelers who are on a budget. This neighborhood is located in the Central Zone.
Lapa This neighborhood is best known for its exciting nightlife and historic monuments. It is located in the South Zone.
Flamengo A more quiet and residential neighborhood, great for people looking to stay long-term. This area is located in the South Zone of the city.
Santa Teresa  Located in the Central Zone, Santa Teresa is a neighborhood that is known for its cultural life and bohemian vibe. This is where you are most likely to encounter artists and intellectuals.
Copacabana  Located in the South Zone of the city, this is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, known for its incredible beaches. This is an excellent spot for first-time visitors.

Getting around Rio

Traffic, like in almost any major city, can be an absolute nightmare and a great cause of stress which you do not need. The safest, easiest, and most convenient way to get around Rio is either by bus or metro.

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Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro on a budget – The Centro


The Centro neighborhood is home to a number of museums, cultural and historic landmarks. As one of the most tourist-oriented neighborhoods, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. Also, given its central position, it is really easy to get around on foot, and you have access to public transportation.

Things to see and do in Centro

Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • Visit the Imperial Palace Cultural Center
  • Visit the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading
  • Visit the Museum of Art of Rio

Imperial Palace Cultural Center

Built in the 18th century, this incredible building once served as the Imperial Palace, but nowadays it is a cultural center. Visit this great historic building and learn about the history behind it and Brazil.

Image source: marcuselicius

Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading

Proclaimed as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading is home to one of the largest collections of Portuguese literature. The interior of this building just might be one of the most breathtaking things you will ever get to witness.

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Museum of Art of Rio

Feast your eyes with some interesting and inspiring art. They organize various exhibits throughout the whole year, so regardless of your time of visit you will always have something to see. Entrance is free on Tuesdays.

Image source: museudeartedorio

Where to stay in Centro

The Centro neighborhood offers a great number of affordable accommodations despite its central location, which is usually quite pricey. 

Here are some of our suggestions for affordable accommodation in Centro:

This cozy apartment is located near public transportation and shops.

This small studio is close to all the tourist attractions and transportation.

This apartment offers you a great view of the city.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Rio for nightlife – Lapa

During the day, Lapa gives off the impression of a low-key, bohemian neighborhood with gorgeous street art, however, during the night it comes to life thanks to the many bars, pubs, and clubs that attract both locals and foreigners. In Lapa, you can also witness a lot of street parties with excellent music and a captivating atmosphere.

Things to see and do in Lapa

Here are some of our recommendations for a great night out:

  • Carioca da Gema
  • Boteco da Garrafa
  • Café Cultural Sacrilégio

Carioca da Gema

This bar offers you an authentic Brazilian experience. Enjoy a night out with live music and great drinks.

Image source: andersonsachetti88

Boteco da Garrafa

A renovated mansion that serves Brazilian food and a wide variety of drinks.

Image source: ronaldotoledo965

Café Cultural Sacrilégio

Dance samba with the locals accompanied by a live band in this fun and exciting bar.

Where to stay in Lapa

Most of the apartments in this area are quite small in size and have very vibrant decor. The apartments were chosen based on location, price, and convenience. On average, the price for a night is around $57.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: this apartment has a very homey feel to it. It’s also close to restaurants.

Mid-range: a bright and conveniently located apartment in the heart of Lapa.

Luxury: a large townhouse with breathtaking interior design, close to all the main tourist attractions.

Check out other options in Lapa on Airbnb.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro long term – Flamengo

Despite its location next to the sea, Flamengo doesn’t experience a large number of tourists like some other areas in Rio de Janeiro. This neighborhood is located a bit away from the city center but there are buses that connect to the other areas, as well as three subway stations: Flamengo, Largo do Machado and Catete. Some of the more popular landmarks include the Carmen Miranda Museum, Flamengo Park, and the Museum of Modern Art. You can also see the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the Sugarloaf Mountain.

Things to see and do in Flamengo

Here are some of our suggestions to do in this neighborhood:

  • Dine at Armazém do Chopp 
  • Visit Flamengo Park
  • Visit Oi Futuro

Armazém do Chopp

An authentic local restaurant that sells dishes from Brazilian and South American cuisine.

Image source: claramartha25

Flamengo Park

Flamengo Park is the largest park in Rio de Janeiro. Here you can skate, cycle, walk, play a variety of sports (football, basketball, volleyball, etc.), relax and unwind. You can also find restaurants, food stands, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Monument to the Dead of World War II, and a lot more. It is a great way to spend time outside.

Image source: viniciusportinari

Oi Futuro

Oi Futuro is a building that houses a cultural center, an innovation lab, and a museum of technology, all in one. This space is dedicated to creative minds who like to explore possibilities and learn new things.

Image source: lucianaadao

Where to stay in Flamengo

The average nightly price for an apartment is around $84. 

Here are some of our suggestions:

Affordable: this apartment might seem a little tight when it comes to space, but it is just 5 minutes away from the metro.

Mid-range: a modern apartment with a lot of charm; it is close to the metro and everything you might need.

Luxury: a vibrantly colored apartment with a balcony and vintage feel to it.

For other options in this area check out Airbnb.

Where to stay in Sayulita

Where to stay in Sayulita, a hidden pearl on the Mexican coast

Want to experience authentic Mexican culture and enjoy gorgeous beaches and, at the same time, stay away from the tourist crowds? If so, Sayulita may be the destination of your dreams. This little town on the Pacific coast is a gorgeous place for both vacations and permanent stays. 

Although tiny, Sayulita has a lot to offer. This picturesque town prides itself on its wonderful nature, beautiful beaches, and friendly lifestyle. It has been the main surfing destination for decades, so beach activities are one of its strongest points. In Sayulita, you can spend your days learning how to surf and scuba dive and enjoy your evenings sipping cocktails and eating local specialties. Sayulita is also known as a wellness retreat as yoga and meditation are an important part of the local culture. Its location is fantastic and you can take daily trips to larger cities such as Puerto Vallarta, explore the Marieta islands, or even go whale watching. Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that your stay in Sayulita will be one of the best in your life.

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Transportation in Sayulita

Sayulita has a public bus system that can be useful when exploring the city. Unfortunately, the buses aren’t very reliable, so not many people use them. Both locals and foreigners prefer renting cars or even better, golf carts. Golf carts are incredibly popular and you will see them on every corner. Since Sayulita is such a small town, you won’t have to rely on any sort of transportation—you can get to the city center from each neighborhood in about 20 minutes. 

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5 best neighborhoods to stay in Sayulita

Since Sayulita is such a small town, there aren’t many neighborhoods to choose from. You will find most of the popular locations in the central area. But that doesn’t mean that the surrounding neighborhoods have nothing to offer. If you don’t like crowds or don’t want to spend too much money, one of the suburban areas will probably be to your liking. Wherever you decide to stay, you will still be close to the city center. To help you pick the best area, we have made a rundown of our favorite Sayulita neighborhoods:

  1. Central
  2. Sayulita Plaza
  3. Gringo Hill
  4. The South End
  5. The North End

Our picks were based on these factors:

  1. Interesting things to see and do
  2. The overall atmosphere of the neighborhood
  3. Cost of staying
  4. Location
  5. Safety
Where to stay in Sayulita, Mexico
Best for the first time Central A lively, downtown area where you will find all major spots
Best for nightlife Sayulita Plaza A downtown square surrounded by pubs, bars, and restaurants
Best for budget travelers Gringo Hill A suburban area on the hill with cheap accommodation
Best for bohemians The South End An interesting neighborhood surrounded by wonderful nature and pristine beaches
Best for staying long term The North End A peaceful residential area with all the amenities you may need

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Where to stay in Sayulita for the first time: Central

The so-called Central is the main downtown area of Sayulita. This neighborhood is ideal for your first visit as it is in the vicinity of all major tourist stops. Central is where you will find most shops, restaurants, and bars. There are many street vendors and boutiques, as well as several high-end shops. If you like crowded places where all the action takes place, Central may be the best neighborhood for you. The only downside to this area is that there are few accommodation options with an ocean view. 

What to do in Central 

In Central, you’ll never get bored. Whether you are looking for great food, sandy beaches, or trendy shops, you won’t have to waste your time searching for good places to visit: this neighborhood has something for everyone. To help you pick the best spots, we have selected some of the most interesting places to visit in Central:

  • Playa Principal
  • Evoke The Spirit Gallery
  • Mercado del Pueblo
  • Don Pedro’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Aloha Sayulita

Playa Principal

Two kilometers long, Playa Principal is the main beach in the town. The beach is filled with cafes, restaurants, and interesting lounges. If you want to go sunbathing or just dip your toes in the Pacific, this beach should be your first stop. You can also try out some of the beach activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. If you’re not into these types of sports and prefer a relaxing swimming experience, make sure to check the swimming safety first. Red flags are quite common due to the undertow. The southern part of the beach is usually crowded, so if you need some peace and tranquility, go to the northern side instead. 

Photo credit: papelillolofts

Mercado del Pueblo

As it is the only farmers’ market in Sayulita, Mercado del Pueblo has a lot to offer. It is a fantastic place to buy organic, natural food, try local snacks, and experiment with Mexican spices. You will also see many merchants, craftsmen, and artists selling their best works, which makes this market an ideal place for buying souvenirs and gifts. You will be surprised by inexpensive leather bags, bohemian home decor, and wonderful jewelry made of precious stones and metals. 

Photo credit: lifestyletravelnetwork

Where to stay in Central

As the very heart of the town, Central offers many accommodation options, ranging from cheap to luxurious. Here are our top picks for this area:

Budget option: this tropical guesthouse near the town center.

Moderate price: this cute comfy house

Luxurious option: this amazing villa near the beach

Where to stay in Sayulita for nightlife: Sayulita Plaza

Sayulita Plaza is the main square in this charming little town. It is located at the very heart of the town center. The Plaza is the hottest spot in Sayulita and it is where you will find the crowd. This small area is full of interesting restaurants and shops, and there is even a small chapel that you may find interesting. The streets surrounding the Plaza are filled with bars and lounges, so you will have plenty of nightlife options. Since Sayulita is such a small place, don’t expect to find any clubs that are open all night. 

Where to go out around Sayulita Plaza

Whether you want to sip a cocktail and unwind after a long day on the beach or enjoy spicy Mexican food while listening to a local band, Sayulita Plaza is the place where your wishes will come true. There are many wonderful bars and restaurants, all known for their warm and friendly atmosphere. Here are some places we think you shouldn’t miss:

  • Don Pato Pub
  • El Mezcalito
  • YamBak
  • Aria Lounge
  • Cava
  • Atico
  • La Zouave

Don Pato Pub

If you’re looking for a hip place to take cheap shots and dance to the beat of the best local bands, Don Pato may be the perfect place for you. Both locals and foreigners visit this pub so the atmosphere is lively and vibrant. Don Pato is one of the few places that stay crowded until late at night and it’s usually open until 3 am. Most of the time, this pub hosts live gigs, although there is also a DJ from time to time. 

Photo credit: paula1393

Aria Lounge

Aria Lounge is the best place in Sayulita for party animals. It is probably the most crowded place in the town and certainly the wildest. Sayulita is known for its fantastic dancing parties, great DJs, and free body paint that will make you glow in the dark. Mexican music is not very common in this lounge and most of the time you will hear songs from current top charts and some old-school hip hop. The lounge has two levels and includes a huge balcony with a beautiful view of the whole Sayulita Plaza. Working hours vary from day to day but on weekends, the lounge is open until 3 am. 

Photo credit: aruasayulita

Where to stay near Sayulita Plaza

The streets surrounding Sayulita Plaza offer a wide range of accommodation options. The average price per night is around $80, although there are many more affordable rooms. Check out our favorite AirBnBs:

Budget option: this private room overlooking the Plaza.

Midrange option: this bohemian room by the Plaza.

Luxurious option: this studio with access to the pool located right across the street from the major bars

Where to stay in Sayulita on a budget: Gringo Hill

Gringo Hill is a neighborhood located on a hill overlooking the town. This area is known for having accommodation with a beautiful ocean view. The prices are lower than in the very center, so it is a favorite among budget travelers. Although it is located on the outskirts, Gringo Hill is close to the city center, and especially to Sayulita Plaza. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to get to the downtown area on foot. Still, we recommend using a car or a golf cart as the hill is pretty steep, so your return to the accommodation may turn into a workout. 

What to do in Gringo Hill

Gringo Hill is doesn’t have as many interesting places to visit as other parts of the town, as it is mostly a residential area. If you stay in this area, you will probably spend most of your time in the center. If you do decide to spend your day in the neighborhood, there are a few places you should consider visiting: 

  • Quintas Trujillo
  • Iglesia Apostólica De La Fe En Cristo Jesús
  • Trivia El Café del Mar
  • Sayulita Nayarit Mexico
  • Cocos Sports Bar

Trivia El Café del Mar

If you want to give the local coffee a try, Trivia El Café del Mar is a place you shouldn’t miss. Known as the best coffee shop in the town, it will probably provide you with the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Tourists also like this place because it serves fantastic Greek meals, as well as delicious pastries. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced place to have breakfast every day, Trivia El Café del Mar may be a perfect pick for you.

Photo credit: triviacafesayulita

Cocos Sports Bar

Located in the area where Gringo Hill meets the town square, Cocos Sports Bar is the best place in the city to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. You can enjoy delicious seafood, watch a football game while sipping cold beer and eating tacos or show off your pool skills. The food is just outstanding and the prices more than reasonable. 

Photo credit: karendayss

Where to stay in Gringo Hill

Although Gringo Hill offers many luxurious accommodation options and the average price per night is around $100, this neighborhood has hundreds of cheap but nice AirBnBs. Here are some ideas where you could stay:

Budget option: this exceptionally affordable apartment

Mid-range option: this amazing apartment

More expensive option: this fantastic rooftop house

Where to stay in Sayulita for bohemians: the South End

The South End is a relatively new area in the town, filled with great accommodation options and expats’ houses. The neighborhood is known for having the best ocean view in whole Sayulita. The area is home to several interesting bars and restaurants, as well as gorgeous beaches. The South End is also fantastic for fans of the macabre, as its colorful cemetery is unlike any cemetery you’ve ever seen. Although the South End is a beautiful area with a couple of interesting places, keep in mind that it is not as lively as the downtown area. Luckily, the neighborhood is located close to the city center and it won’t take you more than 15–20 minutes to get to the major tourist spots.

What to see and do in the South End

  1. Playa de los Muertos
  2. Si Señor Sayulita
  3. Carricitos Beach

Playa de los Muertos

If you think Playa Principal is too crowded and loud, you shouldn’t miss Playa de los Muertos. This beach is off the beaten path, and it takes a couple of minutes of jungle hike to reach it. Locals sometimes call it “the secret beach” as many visitors never even learn it exists! It is an ideal place for enjoying pristine nature and getting some peace and quiet. There are two small caves linking Playa de los Muertos the main beach that you may also find interesting. 

Photo credit: mayraloeramx

Si Señor Sayulita

If you want to try luxurious dining in Sayulita way, Si Señor Sayulita is a restaurant you should consider visiting. The ambiance is gorgeous, food outstanding, and the service remarkable. Another thing that makes this restaurant stand out is the fact that, unlike in most places, the staff speaks English incredibly well. You won’t have to use your broken high-school Spanish or play charades with the waiters to get your favorite meal. 

Photo credit: gomezrocco

Where to stay in the South End

Due to its exceptional natural beauty and high status, the South End is a bit more expensive than other parts of the town. On average, one night in this neighborhood will cost you around $100. Take a look at our favorite AirBnBs:

Budget option: this villa near Playa de los Muertos

Midrange option: this beautiful bungalow with a swimming pool

Luxurious option: this large house near the city center

Where to stay in Sayulita long term: the North End

The North End and the Nanzal neighborhood are located in the northern part of the Sayulita Bay. This area is mostly residential and quite new: almost all the buildings were built in the last two decades. It is a peaceful neighborhood where you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. The ocean view is breathtaking, especially during the sunset. The North End is the sunniest place in Sayulita so it can get pretty hot during the summer months. The neighborhood is near the city center and the main beach and it should take you less than 20 minutes to reach the most crowded spots. 

What to do in the North End

Although the North End is mostly a residential area, there are a couple of places worth visiting. The neighborhood is home to many useful shops, as well as several nice restaurants. It also has its own beach, so you won’t have to mix up with tourist crowds. If you decide to settle in the North End, we suggest you check out these places:

  1. North Sayulita Beach
  2. Jardin Secreto (Secret Garden)
  3. Sayulita Beach Church
  4. La Terrazola

North Sayulita Beach

On the North Sayulita Beach, you won’t have to waste hours on finding a free beach bed: all you need to do is put your towel on the first spot you like and open your umbrella. This area is way less crowded than the main Sayulita beach, so you can enjoy your sunbathing session without the irritating presence of hundreds of people. The people who visit this beach are usually hip campers and locals. Since it is usually empty, the beach is known as the favorite place of Sayulita’s animal population. You can watch turtles taking care of their eggs and pelicans diving into the ocean. 

Photo credit: ricardo_warlus

La Terrazola

If dining fantastic seafood by the ocean seems like an attractive idea, you should hit La Terrazola as soon as you come to the North End. The ambiance and atmosphere are beautiful and romantic. You can try real Mexican guacamole and fajitas, or give a chance to the restaurant’s specialty: fresh tuna ceviche. La Terrazola also has a high-quality wine list, as well as delicious margaritas and other cocktails. 

Photo credit: degustando.mexico

Where to stay in the North End

Whether you are looking for a cheap room or a high-end apartment, you’ll find what you need in this neighborhood. Have a look at our top picks:

Budget option: this nice room near the beach

Midrange option: this modern apartment near the city center

Luxurious option: this stunning traditional villa

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Where to stay in Guadeloupe

Where to stay in Guadeloupe — The Butterfly Islands

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe is an archipelago that consists of more than 12 islands, several of which are inhabited. Sometimes referred to as the Butterfly Islands, due to the shape, Guadeloupe is a French overseas region, with the largest city being Pointe-à-Pitre, but the capital is Basse-Terre.  

Tourism, along with agriculture and light industries, is one of the most important sources of income for this archipelago. Over the years, they have been working on further developing the tourism industry and attracting more visitors.

Image source: coco__vgr

5 best places to stay in Guadeloupe

The two largest islands, which also create the butterfly shape of the archipelago, are Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. Pointe-à-Pitre, the largest city and the economic capital of Guadeloupe, is located on Grande-Terre. Some of the other cities include Baie-Mahault, St Anne, Le Moule, Le Gosier, and St François.

Here are our top 5 picks for places to stay in Guadeloupe:

  1. St Anne
  2. Le Gosier
  3. Pointe-à-Pitre
  4. Le Moule
  5. Basse-Terre
5 best places to stay in Guadeloupe 
St Anne A city situated on Grande-Terre, one of the most tourist-oriented area in Guadeloupe, an excellent place for first-time visitors.
Le Gosier  The hub of nightlife in Guadeloupe, this is where you are most likely to have a great night out.
Pointe-à-Pitre As the financial capital and largest city, Pointe-à-Pitre is our pick for the best place to stay for an extended period of time.
Le Moule A great place for people who enjoy visiting museums and exhibitions. This place is also a bit quieter and not so action-packed like some other areas.
Basse-Terre Basse-Terre is our selection for a place to visit for travelers on a budget.

Getting around Guadeloupe

There is public transport in Guadeloupe in the form of buses, however, they are quite unreliable, unpredictable, and not so safe. Your best option for getting around and exploring everything that Guadeloupe has to offer is by renting a car. There are quite a number of rental car companies, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Where to stay in Guadeloupe for the first time — St Anne

St Anne has focused, in recent years, most of its attention on developing tourism, but agriculture is still equally important and prominent which is evident in the famous market Marché de Sainte-Anne. Other great places include Plage de la Caravelle, Plage de Bois Jolan, and Karaib Rider’s Park.

Things to see and do in St Anne

Here are some of our suggestions for things to do:

  • Shop at Marché de Sainte-Anne
  • Relax at Plage de Bois Jolan
  • Have fun at the Karaib Rider’s Park

Marché de Sainte-Anne

This small and charming local market sells fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, souvenirs, arts and crafts, and a lot more. It is located really close to the beach.

Image source: dasilvahelene

Plage de Bois Jolan

Enjoy your stay in St Anne by visiting the Plage de Bois Jolan. This beach is known for its glistening white sand, tall palm trees, and beautiful and calm blue waters.

Image source: szymalaa

Karaib Rider’s Park

Karaib Rider’s Park is a water park suited for all ages. Head out to this park and have fun in the water.

Image source: nrjantilles

Where to stay in St Anne

St Anne offers a number of places close to the beach with the average price per night being about $92 with some being lower than that but most above that price range. These are our suggestions:

Affordable: Hotel Gli Gli






Mid-range: an apartment surrounded by the beautiful and alluring nature.








Luxury: La Toubana Hôtel et Spa





Where to stay in Guadeloupe for nightlife – Le Gosier

Le Gosier is considered to be the best place to stay if you are looking for bars and clubs. A lot of them are located near the beach or even on it. Our suggestions are based on the atmosphere, music, and drinks.

Things to see and do in Le Gosier

Here are some of our picks:

  • La Rhumerie
  • Le Petit New-York
  • Zoo Rock Cafe

La Rhumerie

La Rhumerie is a bar that serves excellent cocktails accompanied by fantastic live music. A guaranteed way to have a great time.

Image source: lacreolebeachhotelandspa

Le Petit New-York

This club comes alive during the night with the neon lights and great music provided by the DJ. Here you can hear everything from hip-hop to rock.

Image source: deejay_mnk971

Zoo Rock Cafe

Head out to this restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal with some tasty drinks and great music playing in the background.

Image source: crewmember_

Where to stay in Le Gosier

One particularly noticeable feature of apartments in Le Gosier, and in Guadeloupe in general, is that they are decorated with interesting objects and painted in vibrant colors. The prices for a night in an apartment in Le Gosier go from about $25 to around $80, on average. 

Here are some suggestions for where to stay:

Affordable: a vibrant and colorful apartment with a pool.

Mid-range: this bright and modern studio is located in an ideal location – right next to the beach. 

Luxury: an apartment with a beautiful view of the blue sea, close to shops, bars, and restaurants.

For other options in Le Gosier check out Airbnb

Where to stay in Guadeloupe long term—Pointe-à-Pitre

As the largest city in Guadeloupe, as well as being the economic center, Pointe-à-Pitre has a number of things to offer to people who are thinking of making this their home for a longer period of time. The main international airport, Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport, is located in this city. Pointe-à-Pitre consists of 7 communes: Les Abymes, Baie-Mahault, Petit-Bourg, Le Gosier, Pointe-à-Pitre, Lamentin, and Goyave.

Things to see and do in Pointe-à-Pitre

Pointe-à-Pitre has some great attractions to offer. Some of those include Pavillon de La Ville, Victory Square, Saint-John Perse Museum, and Memorial ACTe. There are also two local markets, Market Darse and Spice Market.

Here are some of our suggestions for things to do and see while in Pointe-à-Pitre:

  • Visit Memorial ACTe
  • Visit Saint-John Perse Museum
  • Visit Victory Square

Memorial ACTe

Learn about the dark and unpleasant history behind this archipelago. This is a museum dedicated to commemorating the slave trade and slavery. These unfortunate events shaped Guadeloupe into what it is today and it’s important to educate ourselves about it.

Image source: justinelbrn

Saint-John Perse Museum

A museum dedicated to Alexis Léger who is perhaps better known as Saint-John Perse. He was a French poet and Nobel laureate.

Image source: museestjohnperse

Victory Square

A once historical location, now it serves as a public park where people gather to meet, walk or dine. There are a bunch of restaurants nearby. This park is also close to some of the aforementioned attractions and sites.

Image source: yoandeb

Where to stay in Pointe-à-Pitre

Our suggestions for places to stay were based on price, comfort, and location. On average, a night in an apartment in Pointe-à-Pitre is about $77.

Here are some suggestions:

Affordable: a large air-conditioned studio in the heart of Pointe-à-Pitre, easy access to other places and shops.









Mid-range: a blue apartment with simple and clean interior design, at an excellent location.








Luxury: a spacious and luxurious hotel.


Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Where to stay in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina

The multicultural hotspot of South America is Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. This huge city has been shaped by many countries and cultures, such as Italy, Spain, Georgia, Lebanon, Germany, and so on. Paying a visit to this wonderful city won’t leave you with a moment of time to feel bored, especially when it comes to architecture, food, and art. Considering the size of this city, we hope to make things easier for you as you look where to stay in Buenos Aires with our top neighborhood picks.

Image by Leonardo Espina from Pixabay 

Transportation in Buenos Aires

There are many transport options to get around in Buenos Aires. Public buses cover great distances and can be very cheap when you get a Sube card. The city also has a metro with 7 lines. You can use the old-fashioned tram in the Caballito district, too. It’s rather easy to get a taxi all over the city, but the most secure option is to book it over the phone.

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Five best areas to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a coastal city and the capital of Argentina. The 19th-century Spanish-European architecture and multicultural background make Buenos Aires one of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s very large, with 40+ distinct neighborhoods. To help you decide where to stay in Buenos Aires and mingle with its 13 million residents, we have rounded up the top five neighborhoods using the following factors:

  1. The vibe and atmosphere of the neighborhood
  2. Historical and cultural importance
  3. Fun and interesting things to see and do
  4. Neighborhood safety
  5. Ease of transport
  6. Cost of accommodation
Best neighborhoods to stay in Buenos Aires
Recoleta For the first-time visit
San Telmo For a budget-friendly stay
Palermo For nightlife fun
Villa Crespo For the cool and boho vibe
Belgrano For families/long-term stay

Image by Herbert Brant from Pixabay 

Where to stay in Buenos Aires for the first time – Recoleta

Recoleta is a Paris-like neighborhood with distinctive Beaux-Arts architecture. It’s a great area for walks and relaxation. Recoleta is the hotspot for first-time visitors due to the proximity of the city’s main attractions and the overall beauty of the area. The neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Buenos Aires and features beautiful palaces such as Palacio Duhau and The Pizzurno Palace, now the Ministry for Education.

Image Source: buenosairesarquitectura

Where to go in Recoleta

  • Art shows and exhibitions with breathtaking art pieces
  • The calming green space of Parque Thays

Best for art enthusiasts: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

At Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes you can admire some of the most famous artworks produced by geniuses such as Titian, Goya, and Rembrandt, to name a few. You can also pay a visit to the Centro Cultural Recoleta to check out modern art exhibits.

Image Source: bienes_raices_art_antiques

Best for outdoor lovers: Parque Thays

Lovely greenery at Parque Thays will help you relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. Enjoy a stroll through the park, view sculptures, and maybe even play with dogs as many owners take their canine friends to this park.

Image Source: alejandrowirth

Where to stay in Recoleta

There are many nice hostels in Recoleta, with an average price per night of about $35. Check out our favorite picks:

This budget option in a great location






This cozy mid-range apartment








This luxurious loft

Where to stay in Buenos Aires on a budget – San Telmo

The oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires with colonial-style buildings is San Telmo, which is ideal for a budget-friendly stay. This is a strongly multicultural area of the city with its own unique boho feel. Tango parlors, antique shops, and hip cafes will give you plenty to do during your visit to Buenos Aires. You should also take the time to enjoy yourself at San Telmo’s lovely beaches, Fornillo or Spiaggia Grande.

Image Source: wecandoitreal

Where to go in San Telmo

  • Check out the many churches and important cultural buildings
  • Treat your palate with delicious meals at popular cafes

Best for fans of history and culture: churches and important buildings

Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is one of the most interesting and rather colorful churches located in San Telmo. Pay a visit to the Nuestra Señora de Belén Church at the neighborhood center, too. Check out the Casa Mínima, built by freed slaves in 1812.

Image Source: xoxmelmann

Best for foodies: Dorrego Café

You can never go wrong with any restaurant or café in Buenos Aires as this is truly a great place for foodies. In San Telmo, Dorrego Café is considered to be a decades-long institution of the neighborhood. Defensa Street also has many charming and hip cafes for you to try out.

Image Source: chek__p

Where to stay in San Telmo

San Telmo has a nice range of offers for a reasonable price, with an average cost per night of $30. These are our favorites:

This budget-friendly hostel







This urban mid-range apartment








This modern lux option






Where to stay in Buenos Aires for nightlife – Palermo

Buenos Aires is famous for its wild parties and amazing nightlife. Those of you specifically looking to experience this side of the city should stay in the Palermo neighborhood. The stylish vibe of the place attracts people from all over the world. The area is also home to beautiful boulevards, museums, parks, galleries, and restaurants.

Image Source: georgecai1955

Where to go in Palermo

  • Soak up the picturesque scenery of Palermo’s green spaces
  • Admire art at popular gallery museums

Best for outdoor lovers: parks and gardens

Palermo has many partying spots but it’s not short of amazing natural beauty either. Take a stroll and relax at Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens and Botanical Garden, check out Parque Tres de Febrero with Galileo Galilei Planetarium, explore wildlife and nature at Buenos Aires Eco-park, and more.

Image Source: ritielle_carlos

Best for artistic souls: galleries and museums

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) is a great place to start if you want to immerse yourself in amazing art pieces. For an extra dose of modern art, head over to Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández.

Image Source: alexiaboschmusic

Where to stay in Palermo

At an average price of $35 per night, check out our top picks in Palermo:

This budget loft in a great location








This urban mid-range apartment








This lux hotel with a great view

Where to stay in Buenos Aires for bohemian vibe – Villa Crespo

When you’re looking where to stay in Buenos Aires, you’ll be glad to know that there are many cool neighborhoods. The coolest area in Buenos Aires is definitely Villa Crespo, with a strong boho vibe and plenty of soul. Street art, synagogues, leather goods, and hip cafes are just some of the authentic staples that will make your stay in Villa Crespo fun and memorable.

Image Source: davy.martinez

Where to go in Villa Crespo

  • Explore the unique cafes and restaurants
  • Admire the street art

Best for foodies: great cafes and restaurants

Villa Crespo will definitely satisfy your food cravings and bohemian needs with tasty Jewish goods at La Crespo or Middle Easters delicacies at Sarkis. Don’t miss the chance to visit the fascinating Club Silencio, which is inspired by David Lynch and has great cocktails. At Cafe San Bernardo you can play pool, drink, and dance to your heart’s content.

Image Source: cafesanbernardo

Best for art lovers: Villa Crespo’s street art

If you’re a fan of murals and street art, Villa Crespo won’t leave you disappointed. Head over to Castillo and Serrano intersection if you wish to witness some of the world’s most amazing murals.

Image Source: claudia_mdf

Where to stay in Villa Crespo

It’s possible to find some great offers in Villa Crespo for as low as $12, but the average price per night is around $30. These are our favorite options:

This budget-friendly hostel





This cozy mid-range apartment








This exclusive lux hotel








Where to stay in Buenos Aires long-term – Belgrano

Sidewalks and Anglo-Saxon-style houses with many dog walkers and gorgeous gardens make Belgrano an ideal place to stay in Buenos Aires when you’re planning a longer stay or travel with your family. The area is centered around Avenida Cabildo, which is a hotspot for fashion stores. This is also where the Chinatown of Buenos Aires is located.

Image Source: gabbie_ch

Where to go in Belgrano

  • Check out galleries and museums
  • Enjoy the lush greenery

Best for fans of history and art: museums and galleries

Larreta Museum is the place to be if you want to admire modern art. This museum is the former home of writer Enrique Larreta and has a gorgeous Andalusian-style garden. Historical Museum Sarmiento, which used to be Belgrano’s town hall, will let you learn more about the city’s history.

Image Source: larretamuseo

Best for outdoor lovers: Barrancas de Belgrano

Barrancas de Belgrano is a park designed by French-Argentine architect Carlos Thays. This urban park has amazingly lush greenery and lovely footpaths to make your relaxation moments in nature more special and enjoyable.

Image Source: clo_campos

Where to stay in Belgrano

Belgrano is quite affordable, with the average price per night of around $30. Check out our top favorites:

This modern cozy budget option











This cool mid-range apartment








This high-end hotel