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Where to Stay in Athens

Where to stay in Athens, Greece – The historical capital of Europe

Athens, the capital of Greece is a metropolitan city where some of the greatest academic and artistic ideas of Classical civilization originated from. Moreover, it is considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization as well. With an immensely rich history, followed by cultural legacy, this town is one of the most favorite travel destinations. 

Aside from the traditional, cultural and historical values, this metropolis has also developed a modern side trying to keep up with other impressive capitals of the world. History and the proximity of the Mediterranean are Athens’ major tools for attracting tourists. And in such a beautiful and sun-kissed city, what could one possibly want more? 

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Five best neighborhoods to stay in Athens

The most prominent tourist sights are scattered around the city in many diverse neighborhoods. As a very large city, Athens is divided into numerous districts each of them unique in nature and tourist content. Furthermore, many of these districts are centered around the square and expanding to include nearby areas. On a short visit to this city, it is quite impossible to explore each and every district and admire their diversity and uniqueness. Here are some areas we recommend: 

  1. Syntagma
  2. Psyri
  3. Zografou
  4. Plaka
  5. Koukaki

Finding a place to stay in Athens isn’t an issue since the city is tourist-friendly and offers a wide variety of accommodation options for everyone’s liking. Still, to get the most of your visit to this marvelous metropolis, we have singled out the most convenient areas as a base according to the general interest of the majority of tourists. With that being said, check out our favorite neighborhoods: 


Ideal for:




Convenient location, a transportation hub with attractive spots



Vibrant nightclubs, tavernas, and bars


On a budget

Student neighborhood with affordable dining and accommodation options



The heart of the city with great architecture and landmarks


Long-term stay

Local experience near Acropolis

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Where to stay in Athens for the first time – Syntagma

Centered around the square under the same name, Syntagma is the very center of Athens. This area is the most popular location among tourists for two reasons. Firstly, some of the most impressive landmarks of the city such as Acropolis, the Greek Parliament, and the Botanical Garden. 

Secondly, it is the public transportation hub with a metro stop, and various bus routes connecting this area with suburbs, airport and the port, Piraeus. This way, exploring the city while being based in this area is a piece of cake. 

Syntagma Square is historically important since many government protests in Greek history had been held at this location. Today, protests are still held intermittently with public performances and concerts. 

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Things to see and do in Syntagma

Although Syntagma is well connected with surrounding trendy neighborhoods Plaka, Kolonaki, and Monastiraki which you can visit and explore, this area itself has enough activities to keep you occupied. Here is what you should see in Syntagma:

  • Hellenic Parliament
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Panathenaic stadium
  • National Garden Botanical Museum 
  • Jewish Museum of Greece 

Hellenic Parliament

Overlooking the Syntagma Square is the building of the Hellenic Parliament. The plateau before the building, in recent Greek history, hosts numerous public protests, just like in the past. 


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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This tomb isn’t dedicated to one special soldier but symbolizes all of those unknown soldiers who died in any war and whose remains are unidentified. 

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Panathenaic stadium

This stadium was purposefully built completely out of marble for the earliest Olympic Games in modern history in 1896 which were from then on held at this vast area. Today, it is only used for the homecoming of victorious Greek athletes. 

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National Garden Botanical Museum

National Garden is one of the public parks in Athens located right behind the building of the Greek Parliament. It serves as a natural oasis in this urban surrounding. 

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Jewish Museum of Greece

This museum was established to preserve the heritage of the Greek Jews and seems like a great place to familiarize yourself with their history and culture. 

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Where to stay in Syntagma

As a popular hotspot, Syntagma offers great and diverse accommodation options. However, this area can be congested but since it is the center of Athens, it is worth it. The average price in Airbnbs is $71 per night. Our top picks are:

Affordable optionThis new luxury loft

Moderate priceThis Superior Suite with balcony near Acropolis

Luxury optionThis apartment with big balcony and the view of the Acropolis

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Where to stay in Athens for nightlife – Psyri

Psyri is a working-class neighborhood located next to Monastiraki. Also centered around Iroon Square, this area isn’t particularly alive during the day, but as the night approaches, its streets suddenly get packed with locals and tourists searching for the energetic nightlife. 

Psyri has a favorable position since it is quite close to all the central areas, but becomes the central spot for nightlife. With many restaurants, pubs, tavernas, bars, and dance clubs, this is one of the most prominent areas in Athens. 

In case Psyri doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can always take a short walk to the nearby neighborhood such as Monastiraki and Gazi which have flourished into quite an important cultural and eventful scene in Athens in recent years too. Despite foreign and modern influence in Athens, Psyri strongly maintains its status as an alternative and punky neighborhood. 

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Things to see and do in Psyri 

With so many things to see and do in this area, it is absolutely hard to select just a few. However, whatever place you decide to visit, you will get to experience the unique spirit of this neighborhood. We recommend:

  • Athens Central Market
  • Cinque Wine & Deli Bar
  • Lithos
  • 7 Times
  • A for Athens Cocktail Bar

Athens Central Market

The largest market in Athens with a variety of fresh meat and fish. Only the best and the organic produce from not only Athens but from the surrounding areas are sold here. 

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Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

This is a great place to taste some of the best Greek vines along with some meze and famous Greek cheeses in a wonderful atmosphere. 

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Lithos is a unique Greek tavern that has been operating since 1996. The food served in this restaurant is authentic and affordable. 

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7 Times 

7 Times is a modern bar where you can enjoy your coffee and shisha by day, while at night the DJ plays the latest hits so you can dance and enjoy the cocktails. 

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A for Athens Cocktail Bar

Another great place with minimalistic design located right across Acropolis so you can enjoy the view while you eat great food, or drink cocktails in the evening. 

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Where to stay in Psyri

Even though Psyri is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Athens, you can still find a place to stay that is in a quieter part of the street and relax without any disturbances. Accommodation options are multiple and for every budget. The average nightly price in Airbnbs is $68. Our top picks are: 

Affordable optionThis Stylish Loft in the Heart of Athens

Moderate price – This Super cozy and comfortable apartment with the view of Acropolis

Luxury optionThis Alto Penthouse

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