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Where to stay in Bogota

Where should you stay in Bogota? It depends on what you like

Bogota is becoming a more and more popular traveling destination every year. The capital of Colombia truly has a lot to offer to its visitors. Colombians are known for their friendly, tourist-welcoming nature, and the city has a bit exotic vibe. 

Bogota has something for everyone, whatever their interests may be. It is filled with galleries and museums, so anyone interested in its colonial history will be thrilled to visit it. The city is also known for its urban culture, so you can enjoy its street murals and modern art galleries. Bogotans also know how to party and there are many clubs and bars where you may have the time of your life. Add to that delicious food and world-renowned Colombian coffee and you get a perfect city for both traveling and living. 

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Transportation in Bogota

Bogota is famous for its TransMilenio public transport system, which is the world’s largest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system to this day! For more information on how to get around, check out their official website.

5 best areas to stay in Bogota

Even though Bogota has managed to get rid of its reputation as a dangerous city, there are still some areas that are best to be avoided. Still, there are plenty of beautiful, safe neighborhoods that will suit your needs, whatever they may be. To help you pick the best place to stay in Bogota, we have selected some of our favorite neighborhoods:

  1. Teusaquillo
  2. Chapinero
  3. La Candelaria
  4. Zona Rosa
  5. Usaquén

When deciding which areas to include, we considered several factors:

  1. The overall vibe of the neighborhood
  2. The cultural and historical value
  3. Interesting things to do and see
  4. Safety
  5. How connected the area is to other parts of the city
  6. Cost of staying
Where to stay in Bogota, Colombia
Best for first-timers Teusaquillo Peaceful central area with lots of things to see and do
Best for bohemian souls Chapinero A diverse, trendy neighborhood with hip bars, shops, and markets
Best on a budget La Candelaria The affordable area near the center with many sights
Best for partying Zona Rosa Pedestrian party district filled with bars and clubs
Best for a long-term stay Usaquén A calm neighborhood that is home to many expats

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Where to stay in Bogota on your first visit—Teusaquillo

Teusaquillo is an ideal place for first-time Bogota visitors. It is located near the city center and well-connected to near-by neighborhoods such as Santa Fe and La Candelaria. This area is rather peaceful, so you won’t have to worry about your safety. Teusaquillo is home to many monuments, street markets, and restaurants, as well as to a couple of museums. It is known for its many green areas where most major concerts and festivals are hosted. 

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Where to go in Teusaquillo

  • Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park for nature lovers
  • Casatinta Galeria for fans of modern art

Best for outdoor lovers: Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park

The largest park in the city, Simon Bolivar is a place Bogota is very proud of. You can spend hours walking around in the fresh air, relax by its magnificent lake, or visit the botanical garden. If you’re on vacation with your kids, you’ll be glad to hear that there are several playgrounds around the park. 

Photo credit: sergioanduti4

Best for modern art fans: Casatinta Galeria

Casatinta Galeria is probably unlike any gallery you have seen. It showcases major Colombian illustrations and graphic arts. The gallery also hosts all sorts of workshops so you can brush up your calligraphy or character creation skills. 

Photo credit: paulabossio

Where to stay in Teusaquillo

AirBnBs in Teusaquillo are generally cheap, and the average price per night is around $30. Check out some of our top picks:


Budget option: Casa Cubil – Informal hostel in a 1940s home featuring a bar, an elegant lounge & a terrace, plus free breakfast.






Midrange option: this modern loft.









Luxurious option: Grand Hyatt Bogotá – Upscale hotel featuring 2 restaurants, an indoor pool & a spa, plus complimentary parking & Wi-Fi.






Where to stay in Bogota for bohemian souls—Chapinero

If you want to experience a more authentic, hip vibe, Chapinero will be the perfect area for you. Known as the coolest neighborhood in Bogota, it is located in the central area of the city. Chapinero is incredibly diverse: its northern part is posh and known for luxury shopping centers while the central and southern parts are more laid back and culture-oriented. 

It is filled with indie cafes, vegetarian restaurants, markets, and street art. You can roam around experimenting with different types of coffee or try out craft beers. It is also the center of the LGBT community and home to the world’s largest LGBT club, Theatron.

Photo credit: colombiatierraqueridaxd

Places to visit in Chapinero

  • Parque del Chico for culture vultures
  • Zona G for the foodies
  • Teatro Libre De Bogotá for theater lovers

Best for culture vultures: Parque del Chico

This beautiful park is located in the northern part of the neighborhood. Besides beautiful nature, Parque del Chico has its own museum, located in a colonial hacienda, where you can see all sorts of textiles, glassware, and ceramics. Other notable cultural destinations are a Monument to the Heroes and Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

Photo credit: showtravel10

Best for foodies: Zona G

Zona G (G for gastronomy) is the major place in Bogota for Colombian cuisine lovers. There are hundreds of restaurants and food stalls in this area so you can try out food from all around the world.

Photo credit: zonagbogota

Best for theater buffs: Teatro Libre De Bogotá

Teatro Libre De Bogotá is an amazing place for drama fans. Built in the 1970s, it is one of Colombia’s most influential theaters. You can watch all sorts of plays by major Colombian playwrights, including Marquez, Navajas, and Camacho, as well as Shakespeare’s plays.

Photo credit: gira.nacional

Where to stay in Chapinero

Chapinero is a popular area with a lot of hostel options! The average price per night is around $30. Check out our top picks:

Budget option: this cozy, budget-friendly place.








Midrange option: this modern flat near Zona G.









Luxurious option: B.O.G Hotel – 5 Estrellas de Lujo 

Luxury hotel featuring a fitness center & a spa, plus a rooftop heated pool with a bar & a terrace.





Where to stay in Bogota on a budget: La Candelaria

If you’re a student on a budget or an adventurous backpacker, you will fall in love with La Candelaria. Although this area is very close to the city center and within walking distance of major sights, the accommodation is surprisingly cheap. You can choose between hundreds of family-owned hostels and small hotels. 

La Candelaria is the historical center of the city, so there are plenty of interesting things to see, including colonial architecture, museums, and cobblestone streets filled with small bars. The only problem with this neighborhood is that it is not as safe as some more expensive ones. You will be fine during the day, but make sure not to wander too far away from the main street at night.

Photo credit: leaveusbehind

What to see in La Candelaria

  • Bolivar Plaza for the tourist within
  • Museo Botero for the classical art fix
  • Graffiti Tour for the urban bugs

Best overall: Bolivar Plaza

Bolivar Plaza is the main square in La Candelaria and tourists’ main destination. Besides bars and restaurants, you can visit the beautiful Cathedral of Colombia, as well as Casa del Floreno (the Independence Museum).

Photo credit: colombia_en_el_lente

Best for art lovers: Museo Botero

Museo Botero is a museum that every art lover needs to visit. Most works you will find there are paintings and sculptures by Fernando Botero but you can also see the works of other notable artists, such as Degas, Dali, and Picasso.

Photo credit: uffebuchard

Best for urban souls: Graffiti Tour

If you love urban art, we recommend taking the Graffiti Tour. La Candelaria is full of wonderful murals and street art worthy of admiration. The guide will tell you all about the controversy behind these murals and how they tackle some political and cultural issues. The best thing is that the tour is free of charge!

Photo credit: bogotagrafitti

Where to stay in La Candelaria

La Candelaria stays will not break the bank, as the average price per night is around $24. Check out some of our favorites:

Budget option: this cozy, authentic hostel – Hostal Fátima








Midrange option: this place in the historical center of the neighborhood.








Luxurious option: Hotel de la Opera – located next to the Cristóbal Colón Theatre and opposite the San Carlos Palace, Hotel De La Opera offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Facilities include an indoor pool.






Where to stay in Bogota for partying: Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa will make any party animal’s dreams come true. Located in the northern part of the city, this area is heaven-sent for anyone looking for a great party. It is filled with bars, clubs, restaurants, and casinos. There are also several shopping malls, both for budget and designer label shopping. The major part of the area, called Zona T, is pedestrian. Since it is primarily known for its party vibe, there is a lot of police in the area, which makes it relatively safe. 

Photo credit: brunobollav

Where to go in Zona Rosa

  • Andres Carne de Res for classic Colombian party time
  • Armando Records for clubbers
  • Hard Rock Cafe for casual nights

Best for authentic Colombian parties: Andres Carne de Res

If you want to get a taste of the local nightlife culture, make sure to visit this amazing restaurant. It offers delicious Colombian cuisine and is known for its wild salsa and rumba parties.

Photo credit: andres_c_de_res

Best for clubbing: Armando Records

Armando Records is known as the best club with live music. Only the most exceptional Colombian live bands get to play their hot Latino music there. The bar is well-stocked, cocktail menu fantastic, and atmosphere amazing.

Photo credit: davidmicolta

Best for casual nights out: Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most recognizable places in Zona Rosa and is incredibly popular. You can try out local beers while enjoying Bogotan live bands or show off your singing skills on their karaoke nights.

Photo credit: fabianjaimesco

Where to stay in Zona Rosa

Since Zona Rosa is the party central of Bogota, the prices per night are a bit higher, around $60. Here are some of our top picks:

Budget option: this AirBnB in the center of the area.








Midrange option: this loft with a stunning view.








Luxurious option: this high-end luxury stay – Radisson Bogota Metrotel