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Where to Stay in Boracay

Where to stay in Boracay – Under the palm trees

Choosing where to stay in Boracay depends on your interests. With its pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful nature, Boracay is the ideal travel destination for relaxation. This small island in the Philippines, with a length of only 7 km, has been quite attractive among tourists for years now. Given its favorable position and forming a part of the famous Turquoise Triangle together with the capital of the Philippines, Manila, and Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Boracay serves as a stop of many cruise ships every week.

As a result of the rapid influx of tourists, the island was temporarily closed in April 2018, for 6 months, to repair the damages and renovate the facilities. In October the same year, the island was reopened with the government issuing a long list of the do’s and don’ts for tourists to carefully follow. 

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Do’s and don’ts for tourists in Boracay 

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Find out more about these newly established rules here

Five best neighborhoods to stay in Boracay

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Although the island of Boracay is a small and compact one, it has numerous accommodation options as well as important sights for tourists to visit.  Divided into beaches, this travel destination is a popular resort, and as such, has plenty of dining and entertainment options for everyone’s liking. We recommend: 

  1. White Beach Station 1
  2. White Beach 2
  3. White Beach 3
  4. Bulabog Beach 
  5. Diniwid Beach 

So, whatever your interests may be, you will be able to pursue them while at the same time relaxing and enjoying yourself on one of the many beautiful beaches this island has to offer. Apart from other beaches, White Beach, the most popular area for tourists, is divided into three subareas, called stations, with diverse tourist content. 

We created a list with the best areas to stay in Boracay based on the general interests of the majority of tourists that visit this island. 


Ideal for: 


White Beach Station 1

First visit to the island

Heart of the island

White Beach Station 2


A few of the island’s nightclubs are located here as well as shopping malls, and markets

White Beach Station 3

On a budget 

Ideal for backpackers, cheap accommodation

Bulabog Beach 


One of the coolest places on the island, a paradise for adventurers and watersports enthusiasts 

Diniwid Beach 

Long-term stay 

Quiet, family-oriented, but with fun activities

Where to stay in Boracay for the first time – White Beach Station 1

White Beach is the central area of the island where the majority of landmarks and activities are located. As such, it is the most attractive location for tourists who are visiting for the first time and want to be at the center of the amusing events. 

Divided into three sections, Station 1 is the most exciting of them all. Also, it is conveniently located near other stations and areas so if you decide to seek accommodation here, you will have no trouble at all visiting other neighborhoods in search of nightlife or watersports activities. 

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Things to see and do in White Beach Station 1

As the central location in Boracay, White Beach Station 1 has numerous exciting activities you can participate in such as:

  • Climbing at the Willy’s Rock 
  • Visiting the WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort
  • Riding the waves with a SUP 
  • Snorkeling
  • Or just relax by the beach and enjoy the view 

Willy’s Rock 

This is the most popular landmark found in Boracay. It is a volcanic formation or the rock as the locals call it, with a statue of the Virgin Mary on the top. The view from this rock is simply breathtaking. 

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WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort

Apart from being a luxurious resort, this place also offers a unique underwater adventure for tourists who visit Boracay. 

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Ride the waves with a SUP 

No matter whether you are a watersports enthusiast or not, Boracay is an ideal place for engaging in these activities. Rent a SUP and learn to paddle. You will have so much fun! 

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Chilling on the beach 

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Where to stay in White Beach Station 1

Finding a place to stay in this area can be difficult as it is quite popular among tourists due to its proximity to other beaches and activities. Still, it is not an impossible task as there are many Airbnbs with prices for every budget. The average nightly price in Airbnbs in this area is $116. 

We suggest the following ones: 

Budget optionThe room in these Scandi villas

Moderate priceThis deluxe suite 

Luxury optionThis unique home just a few steps from the beach 

Find more Airbnbs in White Beach Station 1 here

Where to stay in Boracay for nightlife – White Beach Station 2

Since this is a very small island and a resort place with an emphasis on relaxation, you cannot expect to find wild parties and nightclubs as such. In the second Station of the White Beach, just in the middle of the Stations 1 and 3, you can find the majority of restaurants, bars, pubs, and a few nightclubs on the island for a night out.  

According to the new regulations, beach parties have been banned so the parties have been moved to surrounding indoor objects. If you are interested in shopping, there is the island’s biggest shopping mall, D’mall where you can satisfy your shopping needs. Also, there is a seafood market with plenty of fresh items to buy. 

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Things to see and do in White Beach Station 2

White Beach Station 2 has an energetic atmosphere and there are many places you can visit to experience the unique spirit of the island. We recommend the following: 

  • Check out Boracay Pub Crawl
  • Shop at D’mall 
  • Visit the Seafood market
  • Try the burger at Steampunk Boracay 
  • Party at Club Galaxy
  • Have a drink at Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe

Boracay Pub Crawl

This pub is one of the most attractive ones both among the locals and travelers because of its lively spirit and great drinks. 

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This unusual mall will provide you with all the souvenirs you need to bring back home to your loved ones and much more!

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Seafood market

If you are a lover of seafood, here you will be able to find a wide variety of items as well as try some local dishes in the nearby restaurants. 

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Steampunk Boracay

If you are a foodie and want to taste something unique, visit this place and try their famous burger. You won’t regret it!

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Club Galaxy

Club Galaxy is one of the best nightclubs in Boracay for dancing the night away along with the latest hits played by famous DJs. 

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Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe

This cafe is right next to the White Beach. It serves amazing local dishes and drinks. If you want to enjoy the view of the sea and beach while eating delicious food and your favorite drink, this is the ideal place. 

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Where to stay in White Beach Station 2

Located between Stations 1 and 3, Station 2 has more varied accommodation options with most mid-range ones than other areas. But, in case you prefer more luxurious options, Station 2 has got you covered. The average nightly price in Airbnbs in this neighborhood is $93.

Our top picks are the following ones:

Budget optionThis beach flat with kitchen

Moderate priceThis nicely furnished villa with pool

Luxury optionThis Scandi apartment with top-end kitchen 

Find more Airbnbs in White Beach Station 2 here