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Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Where to Stay in Hong Kong – a gateway to China


Often referred to as ‘gateway’ to China and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong is a vivid metropolitan city. Despite severing its connections to the British Empire years ago, its influence can still be noticed not only all around the city but also among its citizens. As the world’s 7th biggest trading power, ‘Fragrant Harbour’ as is the meaning behind the name of Hong Kong, is one of the major business, financial, and commercial port hubs of the world. Numerous skyscrapers, double than New York, and impressive and modern buildings rising on all sides of the city dominate the city’s skyline. 

Hong Kong at night Image source: Pexels

5 best neighborhoods to stay in Hong Kong

Thanks to the harbor, many tourists assume Hong Kong is divided into two large regions, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. But, this city has other areas located north of the Kowloon called New Territories where energetic and colorful districts of Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, and many others are found. 

Hong Kong Marine Image source: Pixabay

These neighborhoods were selected because of many popular cultural, shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions they have to offer to tourists from all over the world. Finding the perfect place to stay in Hong Kong largely depends on what you are interested in the most to visit during your stay in this city. Some of the best areas are the following ones: 

  1. Central Hong Kong 
  2. Admiralty & Wan Chai
  3. Causeway Bay
  4. Tsim Tsa Shui 
  5. Yau Ma Tei & Mongkok, Kowloon

Check out why we recommend staying in these areas:

Top recommendations 


Ideal for


Central Hong Kong 


Close to all main landmarks and well connected to other areas

Admiralty & Wan Chai 

On a budget

Cheap and comfortable accommodation

Causeway Bay

Long-term stay

Not so crowded, ideal for families

Tsim Tsa Shui 


The majority of restaurants and bars are in this area

Yau Ma Tei & Mongkok, Kowloon Bohemians

Plenty to see and do in this neighborhood

Where to stay in Hong Kong for the first time – Central Hong Kong

Map of Central Hong Kong

Central Hong Kong is well known as the financial and business center with the most expensive office spaces in the world. This area simply takes your breath away by all those high bank buildings and shopping malls. It is an attractive location especially for tourists since it is close to many important landmarks in the town. 

Central Hong Kong Image source: Pixabay

Through the city center modern electric tram passes and the Peak Tram is very near so the tourists can get around the town and visit the main sights much faster and easier. 

Tram Image source: Pixabay

Things to see and do in Central Hong Kong

This neighborhood is located near the most popular places among tourists:

  • Victoria Park
  • Lan Kwai Fong
  • International Finance Center
  • Man Mo Temple
  • Central to Mid-levels escalator

Victoria Park 

A great place to rest and at the same time enjoy the skyline filled with skyscrapers

Park Image source: dwlee6/

Lan Kwai Fong

This is a famous square of different streets filled with bars and restaurants.

Lan Kwai Fong Image source: narfagram

International Finance Center

IFC is one of the most prominent landmarks in Hong Kong. It is a skyscraper consisting of the IFC Mall and Four Seasons Hotel. 

IFC Image source: Pixabay

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple or Man Mo Miu is a temple dedicated to the god of literature Man Tai and the god of martial arts Mo Tai. 

Man Mo Temple Image source: parco_photography

Central to Mid-Levels escalator 

The world’s longest outdoor escalator which was built to connect Central and Mid-Levels districts. 

Escalator Image source: jessburtt

Where to stay in Central Hong Kong

While this neighborhood is particularly convenient for tourists, it is also quite expensive so finding the perfect place to stay in Central Hong Kong for every budget can be problematic. In case you are not willing to spend much money on the place to stay, AirBnBs are ideal for such occasions. The average price in Airbnbs is $80 per night. 

Here are our top three places to stay in Central Hong Kong:

Affordable optionCheck Inn HK – Affordable & Simple, fantastic location near Central Hong Kong.

Moderate priceThis Modern Self-Contained Studio in LKF Central










Luxury optionIbis Hong Kong Central And Sheung Wan

Where to stay in Hong Kong for nightlife – Tsim Sha Tsui 


The most popular area for crazy nightlife is definitely Tsim Sha Tsui. This is where most activities take place. Tourists visit this neighborhood usually by Star Ferry to enjoy the view of the astonishing skyscrapers located at the Hong Kong peninsula across the harbor. As the night falls, the nightclubs open their doors to hundreds of tourists and locals in search of drinks and parties, and often the fun does not stop until the early morning. 

Star Ferry Image source: Pixabay

Things to see and do in Tsim Sha Tsui

This area is famous for the Avenue of Stars which is a replica of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Ashley Road, one of the most popular bar streets

Check out:

  1. trendy Deck N Beer
  2. Egyptian restaurant and hookah bar RA Restaurant and Lounge and try one of the tasty pineapple mojitos
  3. Castro’s
  4. Road Side Bar
  5. Tequila Jack’s

Avenue of Stars

Similarly to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, here you find the tribute to the most famous stars of the film industry of Hong Kong in the form of statues or celebrity handprints. 

Avenue of Stars Image source: indonesian.rupiah


A place with great music and strong drinks.

Castro's Image source: _songkwan


Bar Image source: arniegvisuals

Tequila Jack’s

Tequila Jack's Image source: 123yumyumyummy

Where to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui

Unlike the center of Hong Kong, TST is cheaper and it is easier to find a place to stay. The average nightly price in Airbnbs is $65. 

Among the better Airbnbs are the following ones:

Affordable option

Moderate priceBright Family Quad Room in TST 











Luxury optionPage148 Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui


Where to stay in Hong Kong on a budget – Admiralty and Wan Chai

Map of Admirality The best areas in Hong Kong for staying on a budget are Admiralty and Wan Chai. These two areas are very close to Central but more spacious. If the weather permits, a walk between these two areas will allow you to see their main attractions and experience the colonial feel which they preserve even today. 

Skyline Image source: Pexels

Things to see and do in Admiralty & Wan Chai 

In Admiralty, you should visit: 

  1. Hong Kong Park
  2. Bauhinia Square

Hong Kong Park 

In an urban setting, this beautiful oasis with natural beauty will surely help you relax and unwind after exploring the city all day. 

Park Image source: sabina.eclair

Bauhinia Square

One of the main attractions in Hong Kong, the gilded sculpture of Bauhinia blakeana which is a type of flower. 

Square Image source: didsbury05

While in Wan Chai:

  1. Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
  2. Hung Shing Temple
  3. Blue House 

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

HKCEC is an attractive building owing to its modern and peculiar architecture. 

Exhibition Image source: inamak629

Hung Shing Temple

This area has several temples dedicated to Hung Shing, and this is one of them. 

Temple Image source: mcstvc

Blue House 

This building is one of the last remaining examples of tong lau, similar to shophouses from the 19th century. 

Blue House Image source: timeouthk

Where to stay in Admiralty & Wan Chai 

Although these two areas are quite near Central Hong Kong, the accommodation costs are much lower and affordable. The average nightly price in Airbnbs in Admiralty is $105, while in Wan Chai it is $67.

We recommend these:


Affordable option – Hotel Ease Access










Moderate price – Studio Flat in The Heart of Wan Chai









Luxury option Island Shangri-La – Luxurious 4.5 average star hotel, with a breathtaking view and a comfortable interior.