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Where to stay in Tulum

Where to stay in Tulum – Our favorite areas

Located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Tulum has become, in recent years, one of the most visited tourist attractions. Famous for being one of the most well-preserved ancient port cities, built by the Mayans, it has also built a reputation as one of the most exciting places to visit. 

Given that Tulum is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea there is no shortage of beautiful and breathtaking beaches. Divided into several zones, or areas, Tulum offers something for everybody’s taste. Tulum is divided typically into the Pueblo, the archeological site, the Sian Ka’an, and the hotel zone.

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5 best neighborhoods to stay in Tulum

From relaxing beaches, cool archeological sites, to exciting and lively nightlife –Tulum has it all. These neighborhoods were chosen based on what they have to offer, affordability, as well as how accessible they are. Here are the suggestions for the 5 best neighborhoods in Tulum:

  1. Col Huracanes
  2. The Pueblo 
  3. City Center
  4. Aldea Zama
  5. Playa

Best neighborhoods in Tulum

Col Huracanes        

This area is great for nightlife.

The Pueblo

A great neighborhood for tourists on a budget.

City Center

An excellent area for art lovers.

Aldea Zama

For people who want to stay in Tulum for a longer period of time.


A fantastic area for first-time visitors.

Where to stay in Tulum for nightlife

Although it’s a small place, Col Huracanes can definitely offer an exhilarating and invigorating night in the town. This is where you should go if you want to experience a fun night out visiting bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Things to see and do in Col Huracanes

  • Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar
  • Damajuana Mezcaleria
  • Diablito
  • Pasito Tun Tun

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar

Even though it opened not so long ago, Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar has quickly gained traction both among locals and visitors. It has been praised for its service, enjoyable atmosphere, and having live music during most of the week.

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Damajuana Mezcaleria

Damajuana Mezcaleria is another exciting place to visit – they frequently organize rooftop parties during the weekends with various DJs.

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Another suggestion is Diablito, a place that has been praised for its delicious food and refreshing drinks, whether you are visiting with a significant other, family or your friends you are going to have a great time.

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Pasito Tun Tun

Pasito Tun Tun offers a bit more relaxing and chill atmosphere, but also offers live music and great mezcal cocktails.

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Where to stay in Col Huracanes

As far as accommodation is concerned, Col Huracanes offers some really great places to stay. Here are some of our suggestions for where to stay:

Affordable: Rancho Tranquilo – interesting nature-oriented hostel







Mid-range: a small apartment with a colorful and exotic vibe.







Luxury: LiveTulum – luxurious hotel bedroom




Where to stay in Tulum on a budget

If you are on a bit of a tight budget but still want to have a great time in Tulum, you should visit the Pueblo. Although one would expect it to be quite pricey given its central location, the Pueblo neighborhood offers some of the most affordable bars, restaurants, and hotels. Because of its amazing location, the Pueblo is relatively close to most of the tourist attractions and sites.

Things to see and do in the Pueblo

These are some suggestions for things to do or places to visit:

  • El Sudaca
  • Tulum Archaeological Site 
  • Antojitos La Chiapaneca
  • Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum
  • El Camello

El Sudaca

Offers great, inexpensive food, with an option for vegetarians. Also, it is less than 2 miles away from the Tulum Archaeological Site.

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Tulum Archaeological Site

A must-see when visiting Tulum. Explore the Mayan ruins and learn a little bit more about this charming town.

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Antojitos La Chiapaneca

A restaurant that offers authentic Mexican food made with fresh and delicious ingredients.

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Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum

Go on a tour and explore the beautiful and enchanting nature.

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El Camello

A charming restaurant that serves delicious seafood.

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Where to stay in the Pueblo

Affordable option: Nice and relaxing room of Pueblo Magico.





Standard: Located in the heart of Tulum, this studio offers you easy access to all the things you need.





Luxury: Casa Pueblo is a luxurious high-end hotel located in Pueblo.



Where to stay in Tulum — bohemian edition — City Center

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Not everyone is up for a wild night out or for long walks in nature – some people are more casual and prefer to explore the city in a different way – by visiting art galleries, trendy cafes, and unusual bars. 

Things to see and do in Center of Tulum

Here are some of our suggestions for things to do and see:

  • Visit the Tulum Art Club
  • Shop at the Hernandez Gallery Tulum
  • Have a cup of coffee at Ki’bok Coffee Tulum
  • Have some breakfast at Babel Cafe

Tulum Art Club

Located in the heart of Tulum, the Tulum Art Club has been open since 2016. It operates as a cafe and an art gallery. They hope to make Tulum an art destination and help local and foreign artists meet and interact.

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Hernandez Gallery Tulum

Hernandez Gallery Tulum, located on the main road, is a shop that sells some of the best handcrafted items you can find in Tulum. Praised for its diverse selection of items and great service, this is a shop that must be visited by those who love art and creative things.

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Ki’bok Coffee Tulum

Ki’bok Coffee Tulum is a place where you can encounter the local people as well as other foreign travelers. With a charming interior setting and an inviting atmosphere, this is a great place to relax and enjoy.

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Babel Cafe

Babel Cafe is a small, quaint and charming cafe, located also in the center of Tulum. A great place to start your morning with a cup of coffee and various breakfast options.

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Where to stay in the Center of Tulum

Hotels and hostels typically tend to be more expensive, however, it is not impossible to find some reasonably priced accommodation in the heart of Tulum.

These are some of our picks for places to rent while staying in the heart of Tulum:

Affordable: Oostel Smart Hostel – cozy hostel located in the center of Tulum






Mid-range: a fully furnished and equipped apartment, close to the beach and the city center.







Luxury: Hotel Boutique TerraNova – High-end hotel room